UCLA 27-6

Kevin Prince’s 41-yard touchdown run has put the Bruins up 27-6, and the Texas crowd is fleeing the exits. I never thought that would happen.
UCLA has 211 rushing yards on the No. 1 rush defense in the country.

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  • la_bruin

    Quoting Coach Rick Neuheisel:
    “Keep believing, keep coming out and supporting your Bruins and I PROMISE YOU, we’re going to get better and I PROMISE YOU, good things will happen. I PROMISE YOU.”

    Thank you Coach for giving us flashbacks of 66-3.

    And thank you to every fan that didn’t ‘boo’ at your Bruins at the Stanford game. And thank you to those that didn’t call for Prince’s head. And thank you to those that didn’t call for Coach Chow’s job.

    Y’all are the real Bruin fans.

  • Anonymous

    and they won without using the expert advice spewed by the genius commentators on this blog. amazing.

  • Anonymous

    fire neuhiesel. fire chow. get rid of prince. put in brehaut. blah blah blah …

  • Revol_Bruin

    Final score needs to be updated: UCLA 34, TEXAS 12. Way to go Bruins!!

  • A great day for the Bruins, it’s too bad instead of celebrating in a positive manner BruinRob would rather troll on inside USC.


  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Exactly. Good day for the Pac-10 (and UCLA), but BruinRob really makes UCLA fans look like idiots with his comments on the USC blog.

  • Anonymous

    Great win! Was that 27 passing yards an all-time UCLA low? That has to concern Chow and Neuheisel. If the Bruins get the passing game going, they might really have something. Hopefully Ayers is okay. Anybody hear anything?

  • @anon, and @ moron, don’t try to rain on our parade, I trolled onto the USC blog, because you and other were brutal all week since I predicted a shocker in Texas…I was not about to let you off the hook…and just as I predicted, you were very quick to say “Texas was over rated” that’s not what you were saying yesterday…what happened to your 75-7 and 48-0 predictions?

  • RickBruin

    Great job Bruins for another accomplishment USC and their lackeys are not capable of

  • bostonsuckstrojanscheat

    trogan trolls, nobody here cares what anybody, including any bruins, post over at some suc blog. how does it feel to have your whole sports identity based on a lie? cheating to get reggie bush, who brings your program relative success, then throwing him under the bus when pete the cheat pretends to know nothing about it and slinks out of town like the lying weasel he is. go celebrate your w over wsu on your own blog.

  • BruinRob trolls on Inside USC constantly, this wasn’t a special occasion.

    Solid win by the Bruins btw.