• Blue Bruin

    Even before starting the clip the most startling thing is the half-empty stands!

  • Slippery Pete

    Jon Gold: Lineman, Writer, Punter, Play By Play man. Truly a Renaissance Man.

  • Watty

    Seriously, Slippery. Hardest working beat writer in town.

  • Hollywood Bruin


    Fantastic coverage! Truly impressive and I hope its partly secondary to how much you are enjoying it. Strong work throughout this season.

    What a good win for the good guys this weekend!

  • @Watty, two different styles of journalism, one style not necessarily better than the other…Scott Wolf does a great job as well, the difference is Scott Wolf is much more critical towards USC than Jon is of UCLA.


    As much as I enjoy it, isn’t this copyright infringement?
    I know UCLA specifically doesn’t allow this at the Rose Bowl, so I would think the same would be at Texas. I would guess ABC would be upset about this. A fan doing this is one thing, a news source is quite another matter.

  • Johnny Angel

    Beautiful work by Coleman and O line on this drive. Way to go Bruins!

  • TruBruin

    Keep your 5 bucks to yourself dude……Its only copyright infringement if he used video from abc’s coverage, that was personal video …….a lawyer issuing a cease and desist warning is one thing but a blog reader who doesn’t know their ass from first base about copyright infringement is another…….wanker!

  • BruinInSeattle

    the font you use is too sentimental. try something like courier instead.