Powell reportedly commits to UCLA

Scout.com’s Greg Hicks is reporting that shooting guard Norman Powell – Profile Here – has committed to UCLA, choosing the Bruins over San Diego State.

After point guard Josiah Turner committed to Arizona recently, Powell, Scout.com’s No. 15 shooting guard, became the team’s No. 1 priority.

Powell has tons of potential and could become a major player for UCLA as he’ll be slated to eventually fill in for Malcolm Lee. Powell is a four-star prospect, but is considered to have a higher ceiling than some above him, and his athleticism is a big plus for the Bruins.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a talented, athletic kid. Hopefully he’ll turn out to be a good player.

  • Anonymous

    We now compete against San Diego St. for our players? How sad. I don’t care if the kid is from SD. LA is just up the road. I’m from SD and no way in &/(%&% would I ever even remotely consider SD St. over UCLA. But then again… I don’t play ball so perphas the programs are now on par.

  • Anonymous

    he also got an offer from arizona and arizona state. i just saved you from using one of your lithium pills. your welcome.

  • Malibu Grad Student

    Anonymous from SD, you really should try to find out more about this kid before commenting. Check out what ESPNRise, Rivals and Scout say about this kid, and watch the YouTube videos.

    By the way, nobody was hot onto Russell Westbrook either, someone many have compared Powell to athletically and in upside potential.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, the less hype, the better. Give me kids that are willing to play in Howland’s system and play his style of defense over entitled players who think the world revolves around them. I don’t care if we get a recruit over Duke or UNC… just make sure they can play basketball the way we want to play basketball.

  • Fan4Life

    From the SD Union Trib website….

    “I think UCLA will give me a chance to develop my skills to play at the next level,” said Powell, who has a 45-inch vertical leap. “Coach (Ben) Howland said he wants to go back to the running game and that fits my style.”

    45 INCH VERT????? WTF!!!!!!!!


  • Mutombo

    This is a huge pickup for UCLA and Ben Howland. Powell was UCLA’s number 1 target this offseason and I’m thrilled he’s chosen the Bruins.

    Scout’s Greg Hicks has referred to Powell as the top prospect in the west for 2011, regardless of position.

  • anon

    “Coach (Ben) Howland said he wants to go back to the running game and that fits my style.”

    Powell may misunderstood CBH. Prepared him for the next level is a definite, but not for “running game”. CBH’s style is to play in the mid-50s slow down game…