UCLA-Texas Report Card


RESULT: UCLA 34, No. 7 Texas 12

The throwing game needs work, but really, does it? Kevin Prince’s ability to read the zone-run and take it himself – 38-yard TD run – was brilliant.

Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman formed an incredible one-two punch (35 carries, 212 yards, two scores) against lofty Longhorns D.

Yet another dropped pass, but Nelson Rosario’s two late receptions were promising, and Ricky Marvray is a blast.

Can’t say enough about the job the newly dubbed “Filthy Five” has done the last two weeks.

Big uglies filled gaps, let defenders roam, and Keenan Graham looks like a budding star.

Forget current superstar Akeem Ayers and future star Patrick Larimore; Sean Westgate (11 tackles) was pivotal.

Chuck Bullough must have a blast scheming up UCLA DBs, especially with emergence of safety Dalton Hilliard.

Much written about UCLA’s two legs – Kai Forbath and Jeff Locke – but coverage and return game vastly improved.

The job that offensive staff has done with running game is nothing short of miraculous. An extra plus.

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  • Reformed Droog

    What grade did Jon give the Fonz?

    He gave him an Eyyyyyyyyyy…

  • ETAsports

    Stop doing stupid videos and podcasts and learn how to Fing write.

    “Ricky Marvay is a blast” WTF does that even mean?

    Everything you write is either a cliche or a misuse of words.

    UCLA: A

    Jon Gold: F

  • anonymous

    ETA, you are a tool.

  • Joe Bruin

    Hey ETA,

    The good news is that nobody is forcing you to read Jon’s work!

    How does one “do” a video anyway? Ass wipe! Talk about misusing words.

  • glawson07

    Seriously…ETA, nobody is forcing you to read Jon’s stuff. This man, JG, is doing a great job of keeping you and us informed of UCLA athletics. You should be thankful that he attempts to include videos, 10-question prizes for the score predictions, podcasts, etc. You want something different, then go and get it. Pick up a newspaper or something. Stop bitching about Jon’s blog….geeeeeez

  • Anonymous

    All good, except I think the O-line deserves an A++. Nothing less.

    They not only held their own against Texas’ then 1st ranked run defense, but actually controlled the LOS for most of the game. Absolutely astonishing accomplishment that I think was the most important in the entire game, and if continued, will be the single biggest reason for any success this year and going into the future.

  • hollywood bruin


    Fantastic work, ignore the tool who posted anything less.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work, Jon, and I’d like to apologize to the coaches who — though the criticism was accurate — deserved more patience on my part: You’re doing a fantastic job. The team is playing football now and exactly what they, you, and we fans deserve.

    Keep up the great work, Neu and Blue!

  • Anonymous


    The videos are superb! My wife and I watch every one of them on our big 52″ TV. We look forward to them.

    Keep them coming!

  • Mike

    Huge win for the program and Coach Neu…Big question is how they are going to play against Wash St. Will they have a let down and play to their competion’s level?? The coaching staff better get the players ready and forget about this last game and focus on Wash St. I’m sure they entire team is on a high right now but it won’t mean much if they fail next week.

  • Johnny Angel

    Great win by the Bruins but the grade for qb is ridiculously inflated. Two fumbles and a whopping 27 yards through the air is awful. The play at qb was at best a C- and needs to improve because the Bruins won’t always be able to sneak up on people.

    Unlike Texas there are some Pac 10 teams that know how to frequently find the end zone so the although the Bruins passing offense is holding steady at #118 out of #120 it isn’t going to be enough.

  • Watty

    Why air it out when you’re rolling up 7-8 yards per carry???

  • awash

    Recievers/F-backs get an A for blocking. Alot of those big runs were helped out with a great kick-out block (Colemans last run) or downfield blocking!!

  • Mike H class of 90

    Great win, first of all.

    I give a B to the QB (great game management and finally used his own legs a little more often, which is definitely needed in the Pistol, but 27 yards passing? We’re going to need a better passing attack at some point in the season and I’m not sure we’re getting the in-game reps to do it when it counts).

    It has to be said, thought, that Texas deserves an F. That was not a top 25 team, and 6 turnovers goes a long way in getting a win. I think we only had one drive of over 50 yards – as the passing game improves we’ll be able to generate more of those long drives, but this week we didn’t need them.

  • Hank

    To a degree “ETASports” above is right. This blog has become just a collection of random video posts and Q&A. What ever happened to the “Inside” information? Very little can be found anymore. I could care less for the video and the Q&A. They add nothing.

  • Anonymous

    UCLA FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! at thehighnoteoftheday.bloggerspot.com

  • Hot Bruin

    Glad to see Coach Neu following my advice and running the ball more. lol But seriously, the running backs were always a A in my book. I’m no “offensive genius” but even I could see by the first half of the KS game that Chow’s strategy of throwing downfield after a couple of positive plays was just not working. With Prince still rusty, the passing game was just not there. I have a feeling Coach Neu and other coaches put the clamps on Norm after those first two losses and convinced him to change his strategy. I have no doubt we could have beaten KS without ever throwing a pass. Who woulda thunk, with our preseason losses on the O line, that UCLA would become known as a running team.

  • Revol_Bruin

    It’s funny for me to see so many little ‘sc fans whining about how BruinRob is “trolling” on Scott Wolf’s blog when, for years now, so many ‘sc fans have been trolling on Jon Gold’s Blog and writing the most unintelligent and inane things. All of the suc fans that are crying about that sound pathetic. It’s like if they are going to their mom and saying “Mommy, BruinRob is saying means things to me!”

    While most all UCLA fans are civil and above the fray, karma is a bitch: what you reap, you sow, so stop crying.

  • Trojan ashamed of Lawyer John

    Revol_Bruin embarrasses all intelligent Bruins by trolling on Inside USC as well.

    It is not surprising that he defends people like BruinRob and spedjones.

    Anyone that doesn’t spend time on Wolf’s site support that group?

  • It’s not the trolling, it’s the vulgarity

    Seriously, some of the stuff written by the Bruin fans, especially BruinRob, is really foul.

    At least spedjones keeps it clean.

  • danny

    posters who disagree with Prince’s A grade aren’t understanding all that is going on. Yes, prince fumbled when his line couldn’t protect him and/or he didn’t have a back in there to pick up a blindside blitz. you can’t blame him for that any more than you can Cory Harkey’s FIFTH drop of the season. (At least one in every game—an impressive streak.) If Harkey is in there to block, and UCLA is going to run the ball, then it’s understandable. If he’s in there to catch the ball, he needs to be replaced.