Post-Texas honors

Sean Westgate was named Pac-10 defensive player of the week, and Ryan Taylor was named the conference’s Pac-10 offensive player of the week. It’s the first time an offensive lineman has won the award since an Oregon lineman won the award in 2003.

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  • sandiegobruinfan

    Wow…congrats to Westgate and Taylor for garnering the Double Combo from the Pac 10. Let’s get to 3-2 versus Wazzu.

    Go Bruins!

  • Johnny Angel

    Job well done Bruins!


    We’re getting there…

  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice

    Jill, you wrote “Please don’t go, Pete.
    Pete Carroll is everything that’s right about college football. He is college football. ” ?

    And you have the gall to wonder why blog readers treat you less than perfectly here? Even in January, you must have had some clue about the immorality of the southern cal program. What is your stance now, after his claims of ignorance about Bush fell on mostly deaf ears nationally excepting trogan honks?

  • Anonymous

    Where are the hyphens, punctuation cop?