Post-Practice Update

* Kevin Prince sat out today’s practice with a sore knee, and Neuheisel was non-committal about Prince’s role for the Washington State game. He said he didn’t look at it as a lost opportunity, but really, I don’t know how that’s true. Preparing for a Washington State team that the Bruins should handle easily, this was the week to fine-tune the passing game. Prince had an MRI on Sunday night that came out fine, and is listed as day-to-day; the decision to miss practice was made by the trainers before today’s practice.

* Richard Brehaut, obviously, led the offense primarily, and he had a so-so practice. The energy level was high and the running game looked good, but Brehaut missed some throws, and he showed some rust.

* Akeem Ayers practiced but was limited at times as he bruised his shoulder in the win over Texas.

* Rick Neuheisel appeared frustrated with a radio reporter who continually asked him about the Texas win. It seems that the team has moved on from the big win into full preparation for Washington State.

* The “Filthy Five” moniker has officially taken hold, as I heard the phrase several times after practice.

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  • Missed opportunity for Kevin to get some reps in the passing game…glad he’s ok but Lord knows we need improvement in the throwing game and WSU (and the practice leading up to the game) is a great team to gain some valuable experience for the rest of pac X play

  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice

    Jon, what kind of command does Brehaut have on the running game as used within the Pistol, compared to Prince? 80%? 50%

  • mike reeves

    I saw Ryan Taylor on campus today so i shook his hand and congratulated him on being pac-10 player of the week. He was gracious, but immediately told me “thanks bud….it should have gone to the “filthy 5″ tho”

    Also saw Kevin Prince and shook his hand today. cool seeing the players on campus

  • Stan

    Mike, I’m sure Ryan and Kevin really appreciated your support. But next time, please refrain from touching Kevin. You could have gotten him hurt.

  • Anonymous

    If you can’t expect to see the players on campus, where would you like to see them? at a bar?

  • Coach Thom

    Kevin will be ready and fit to play on Saturday. Hopefully, Wazzu will give the team a good opportunity to open up the passing game, but Coach Rick isn’t taking the Cougars lightly. The run is working, so expect more of it this weekend.

  • Anonymous

    command “on” the running game? “within” the Pistol?

    Preposition cop, I’m making a citizen’s arrest.

    Book ’em, Danno.

  • Malibu Grad Student

    Wonder if that radio reporter Gold references was Dan Patrick. Neuheisel didn’t sound all that pleased when Patrick’s first two questions were 1) “You ran the ball well, but you only passed for 27 yards”, then 2) “I wanna go back to the Stanford game for a minute”…

    Rick’s sarcastic reply after the 2nd question, “I couldn’t have a good morning, could I?”.

    Go get’em Rick!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    I like Prince and glad the coaches haven’t wavered on him, but if he can’t practice today, Brehaut should get the start…work on the passing game be damned. It will be a good opportunity to get Brehaut some prolonged live game action under his belt and Prince can take the week off to rest his knee before the roadie to Cal next week. There are still 8 games to go and if there is an opportunity to treat n rest an injury, Wazzu is it as our only gimme game of the year.

  • RodneyGuillory

    @ Malibu Grad Student… Did you watch the clip? The radio reporter isn’t Dan Patrick…it was what’s his face from 570am I believe. I recognize his voice but can’t recall his name. Dan Patrick doesn’t come to do UCLA post game interviews with CRN…although it’d be entertaining.

    Gold has to know his name…probably just doesn’t want to call him out directly.

  • Anonymous

    am570? David Vasey?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Looney. He does the updates during Tony Bruno’s show.