Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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    Whats the story om Torian White? Is he a strong commit or looking at suc now that they offered?

    How strong is Powell’s (spelling?) commit?

  • Jungleland

    How does AO look on the scout team? Are you surprised he’s not playing this year?

  • Anonymous

    Who is ucla’s number 1 football target and how many scholarships do they have left?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Grace us with your revised season prediction for UCLA now that 0 – 2 has become 2-2.

  • Jungleland

    Your biggest surprise from the Texas game?

  • Anonymous

    Is Josh Smith (basketball) going to get redshirted and what is his weight right now?

  • John


    How many silent commits in football are out of state recruits?

  • Anonymous

    Is it true that ucla basketball is switching to an up-tempo offense? Also, how many scholarships do we have to give out?

  • spedjones

    what do you hear of Lyons allegedly recruiting Kent Turene for UCLA? Baseless rumor or something more?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Jon, hope you had some good times on 6th street in Austin mixed in with work. Anyhow, thanks for the work on this blog…definitely a nice break from work a couple of times a day. A few questions:

    1. Do you think Neuheisel and Chow hold back on the playbook against Wazzu this Saturday?

    2. For all the criticism of Prince’s passing performance this season (some deserved, some way over the line in my opinion), do you think the receiving corps and O-line (despite the fantastic run blocking) have held up their end of the bargain in the passing game?

    3. In light of the news that Cal is cutting 5 sports including baseball, have you heard of any such similar discussion going on in Morgan Center as far as UCLA non-revenue sports that might be in jeopardy?

  • bruinbiochem06

    Jon, thanks for your hard work. I’m always curious which of our freshman got playing time on our last game. Would you mind telling us after the game. Thanks.

  • romeojam

    Coaches tend to be set in their ways but who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks. Are you surprised with Rick and Norm (pass-happy offensive coaches) adopting the more run-oriented pistol so late in their career? Do you think Ben Howland will take something from Rick adopting a new offensive scheme? Or is he one of those stubborn ones set in his ways?

  • Anonymous

    Can you give an overview on the 2011 basketball recruiting situation–what positions are recruiting priorities, who does UCLA especially want, and how many recruits UCLA actually plans to take? Or, with Powell’s commitment, is UCLA done recruiting for the year?

  • Martin

    I know you’ve been asked a million and one times but can you give us an update on why Joseph Fauria has yet to start over Cory “Stonehands” Harkey?

  • Resource Guy

    Great tip on 5 Guys in Thousand Oaks, it’s my new favorite lunch spot. Any others?

  • Reformed Droog

    Is your editor pleased that he/she doesn’t need to work as much since so many of your blog readers are apparently moonlight editors that are more than happy to correct every little grammatical mistake made as you try desperately to get content out quickly? JUST WONDERING.

  • Greg

    Deanthony Thomas now according to scout is in the “no interest” column for both Washington and UCLA. Is it a lock he will end with USC

  • benji

    So from what we see now, how many wins do you see the bruins coming up with? Any silent commits?

  • UCLA3

    Breakdown this UCLA BBALL recruiting. We have 1 scholarship taken by Powell. Room for Cook or Thomas (assuming they are some what serious) comes from a transfer or guys jumping to the L (Lee/Honeycutt)? What are you hearing? and Whats your guess on how many they bring in?

  • Anonymous

    When are you going to start telling us impatient UCLA fans “I told you so”

  • Anonymous

    Do you ever get seriously irked that the admins on Bruinsnation.com are constantly dismissing and criticizing your insight and knowledge of UCLA sports despite the fact that unlike some you actually live in Los Angeles, attend every practice/game/function, and to add insult to injury they steal your scoops, videos, and hard work to create most of Bruinsnation content?

  • Anonymous

    Is Randall Carroll in the doghouse or what? Why not at least put him in and let him run a streak? Whether we throw to him or not the opposing secondary will have to respect it… On the other hand, do you agree that we MUST throw downfield if we hope to contend in the Pac 10. At least OCCASIONALLY. Opposing teams are going to stack the box until we prove them wrong.

  • ASIM

    Do you ever get seriously irked when people ask really dumb questions?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, great work on the coverage – keep it up. I’m a Bruin nation supporter out here in Utah (by way of Agoura). Two questions:

    1. How soon until the passing game catches up with the running game? This week against Wazzu or another couple of games?

    2. I keep getting told that the Utah Utes will be the class of the Pac-10 in upcoming years be endless people out here, to the tune of multiple rose bowls, etc. This is a myth in my book – I see them in the top half of the Pac-10. Reality or myth in your eyes?

  • rich_in_la

    The defensive backfield rotations are confusing to me. It seems like I see Dalton Hillard, Moore, Dye, Abbott, Price, and Hester out on the field all at once.

    (1) Who is Hilliard coming in for? I know he is the backup FS, but he plays at the same time as Moore on a regular basis.

    (2) Does the emergence of Hilliard mean Deitrich Riley is going to spend this year primarily on special teams?

  • Ben G

    Do you know if Dalton Hillard still talks to Manti Teo? Do you think we have a shot at getting him as a transfer if he doesn’t vibe with the new staff @ ND?

  • Anonymous

    Can you do us all a big favor this year at some point??? Tell Akeem Ayers you need to do an extended interview with him at some point and take him to a private room. In that private room a hypnotist will be waiting. This hypnotist will convince him that he REALLY wants to play his college career out and come back for his senior season and solidify himself as the best UCLA defender of all time…

  • Anon

    First, you are doing such a great job reporting all things Bruin. Consider me hooked on your blog. But, with the season in full swing, is there any chance for practice updates to be provided on a more regular basis?

  • anon

    Given the comments from players and staff in the program, across the board, on how essential Corey Harkey’s downfield blocking has been for the run game and offense in general — combined with his leadership — and after talking with coaches who utilize a conservative passing attack, how much opportunity will Fauria have to fit in the offensive system? And as good as he is does he bring the same kind of blocking ability as Harkey?

  • JonTheBruin

    In practice, how much work is actually given to the passing game? Is it like 70 percent Run 30 percent Pass? Seems like at some point the team needs to be more multi- dimensional.

    And do you agree that, guys with the name Jon are inherently more awesome.

  • Anonymous

    what is the craziest idea you’ve ever had while being stuck on the 405?

  • Jbruin

    You previously mentioned the lackadaisical attitude at past football practices. Have you noticed a marked difference in attitude at practice the past couple of weeks (coinciding with the two wins)? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    is ayers the best linebacker in the nation right now?

  • The Big Woof!

    Do we have any serious potential recruits in Texas? And if so, did our big win Saturday make them closer to committing?
    Also, why do I always get a “text error” message the first time I try to submit a question or comment? I always type in the Captcha very carefully!!

  • Spencer

    Prediction time. How many pass attempts will UCLA have during the Washington St. game?

  • Kevin

    Why is Coleman on the kickoff team. Yes, I saw the tackles but, since when did runningbacks become kickoff team players?

  • VAbruin

    Hey Jon, thanks for the post-practice update. As Prince sat out Tuesday, when will a final decision on his availability against Washington State be made? If Prince sits out on Saturday and Brehaut gets the start, what will the focus of our offense be? With Brehaut’s understandable rust, will Coach Neuheisel try to continue running at the same rate that UCLA did against Houston and Texas? Will Coach Neuheisel try to get Brehaut to run a revolver formation? Thanks.

  • kevin

    How is it that we get great blocking for the run, but had three sacks? Coverage?

  • Wil

    Jon, the UCLA fan base is often criticized for not traveling well in numbers to road games. Any word on how many Bruins traveled to Austin? Thanks.

    (P.S. I was at the Texas game and heard it was one of the largest Bruin contingents to travel outside California in many years. I try to make at least one road trip a season.)

  • Anonymous

    Most of the comments on Adonis Thomas are not real positive about him attending UCLA.
    What is your take?

  • Anonymous

    After 4 weeks, I have no idea who is the real UCLA FB team.
    Is Stanford BCS good?
    Are the Texas schools over rated?
    Did UCLA really improve that much between weeks 2 and 3?

  • Anonymous

    From all that I have read, the football team worked very hard during the off season, and it is paying dividends.
    Is the basketball team working equally hard?
    Who looks like a different athlete?

  • Fan4Life

    Chances of ABarr moving over the D since 1)it appears his talents are being wasted on offense and 2)Ayers likely moving on to the NFL next year?

  • Anonymous


    Apparently, Barry Sanders Jr likes UCLA. Is he one of the Bruin targets for 2012?

  • Fan4Life

    Will either Jared Koster and/or Iuta Tepa be allowed to use their redshirt this year since both sustained season ending injuries?

  • Anonymous

    How is Jerime Anderson’s health?
    How did he look over the summer?
    Do you think he will, or even can be the elite point guard that was missing last season?

  • Anonymous

    Darius Savage has been a surprise this year. He has been hurt off and on throughout his career. Is it possbile to petition the NCAA for a sixth season of eligibility?

  • Paul Stine

    Have you asked CRN or Norm Chow why Marvay and Smith aren’t starting at the receiver spots over Rosario and Embree?

  • GTBruin

    Hi Jon, what’s the time line for Datone or Kai to return? Do you think they will redshirt either player?

  • Anonymous

    Can you guys get an iPhone app? The oc register has one and now I’m checking their blog daily when I previously only checked it occassionally.

  • Anonymous

    Did Chris Ward play against Texas?

  • Anonymous

    Any update on Datone Jones or Kai Maiava? I could see how Maiava coming back might make sense as he can’t redshirt, but would it make any sense for Datone Jones to rush back risking further injury?

  • Keith

    What is BruinTV and how do I get it?

  • Sunset Bruin


    First, kudos to you for your great coverage of the Texas game. It was in my opinion far and away the best coverage of the game, local or national.

    Question – After spending so much time with the UCLA players, were you pulling for a victory over Texas? You seemed genuinely excited for the Bruins, particularly during your interview on the field with Ryan Taylor. Let us know your perspective. Thanks!

  • Sunset Bruin

    Is Owa not in the two deep? I noticed in the statistics that he has played sparingly. Is this because he has not learned the defense? I thought he had impressive physical tools that made up for his lack of experience.

  • Peter

    Sean Westgate and Pat Larimore: Flashes in the pan, future stars, or something in between?

  • Anonymous

    How do you stop the Pistol offense? What are the elements?

  • yonder

    Now that UCLA has beaten the #7 team in the country, I will ask the obvious question:

    Did CRN/CNC’s decision to stubbornly stick with Prince in the first two games cost us two victories and, thereby, a chance at the national championship?

  • Anonymous

    Yo Gold, is Sheller going to get a 6th year?

  • PUSC 3

    What are the plans for Jayson Allmond? I think they should make him a linebacker or tight end.

  • ww

    CRN and CNC are very experienced/knowledgeable football coaches. They have checked their egos at the door in taking the risk of switching over to the pistol offense. To me that is admirable and humble. Within the coaching community, are they getting ackknowledgement for this?

  • Fan4Life

    Since UCLA obviously got by with minimal contribution from the passing game against Texas, has there been an attempt by the coaches to simply the passing game so the QBs aren’t spending so much time reading the defense? Does one need to be an Norman Einstein to be a QB for Chow and Neuheisel?

  • Ed Bruin

    I’ve heard rumors that UCLA will be participating in the 2011-12 Maui Invitational…have you heard anything?

  • Jungleland

    Does Datone Jones still have his starting DE position when he comes back in Spring practice?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, do you see Johnathan Franklin as a potential NFL back sometime down the road? Do you think he will be drafted highly when he declares in the future?

  • Anonymous

    So, which, in your opinion, is the real team? The Bruins team that started 0-2, or the Bruins that beat (dominated) two top 25 teams.

  • tom962

    Is every run play in the Pistol called by Chow? In other words, when Prince hands the ball to JetSki, does he have the option of keeping it himself? It looked like Prince’s long touchdown run was his own call and JetSki thought he was getting the ball.

  • tom962

    Do agree with Matt Millen’s comment at the end of the Texas game in which he basically said that UCLA is only beginning to experience how good their offense can be?

  • tom962

    Which players who have NOT played this year look the best on the scout team?

  • tom962

    In order, what do you think the biggest reasons are for our inability so far to have much of a passing game? a) Prince’s accuracy; b) protection by the O-line; c) the ability of our receivers to create space.

  • tom962

    Because Brehaut is not a real running threat, our pass protection is questionable as is our ability to create space downfield, wouldn’t it make more sense for Bell to be our second-string QB in the Pistol?

  • Jungleland

    In your entire experience in sports, have you ever seen an athlete more injury prone than CRam?

  • Fan4Life

    Is Andrew Abbott’s scholie a one year deal or his to keep until his eligibility is up?

  • Peter

    Ironic that, just as the Pac-10 is moving away from the round-robin, the Big 12 has decided to have a full round-robin?


  • Peter

    How was being put on punting duty? Did you expect to be used quite so often?

  • BruinADub

    It surprised me when Jonathan Franklin said that this team finally had leaders. I would have thought guys like Terrence Austin, Reggie Carter and Logan Paulsen were true leaders. Jon, Do you know who the leaders are this year and how they’ve proven to provide the type of leadership that guys are believing in?

  • BruinADub

    How did we turn our around our run D in the last two weeks? Our swarming D has been a joy to watch and I’m wondering where that was in week one and two?

  • Lee

    Okay, hypothetical. Let’s say that Rick Neuheisel and Co. are really made out of magic, and pull some big recruits-Tony Steward, Ray Drew, Wayne Lyons, Todd Barr, Christian Heyward, Jason Gibson, Devon Blackmon, Cyrus Hobbi, I don’t know, whoever else we have a legit shot at. By all accounts, we don’t have a ton of room left in this class. As far as I can tell, though, these are all the sorts of recruits that you have to make room for. Where does that room come from?

  • Blue Bruin

    Can you officially switch up to Money’s pet name for our back up: Dicky Brehaut? (That rocks!)