Petros and Money today at 3:30 pm

Hey guys,

I’ll be joining Petros and Money today on AM570 KLAC at 3:30pm. Tune in.


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  • Watty

    Well, I was there and ready. And then all of a sudden Hartman’s honking about something involving “9sss” and on comes some Fantasy f-ball nerd.

    I feel like I got Rick Roll’d


    I turned on the radio at about 3:50 and there was Jon Gold. He is quite a radio personality, something akin to a less polished and more frenetic John Madden. And he is full of information, although I hate to spill the beans, bruins, but Mr. Gold still believes ucla is an 8th place team, although conceding they might move up to 7th or even 6th.

    You believe in miracles? Yes, I was rooting and yelling hard for ucla to beat Texas last week, and I never root for the bruins. But it transcended petty prejudices putting the arrogant Longhorns in their place, and at the same time cementing Pac-10 football as not only highly skilled-oriented, but hard-nosed as well.


  • Who cares who idiots root for?

    Hey Be Real/Lawyer John-

    Like anybody gives a shit who you root for.

    What is “skilled-oriented,” anyway?

  • Stupid BE REAL

    Hey idiot try listening to it again, Gold never said he thought we were an 8th place team still. What he said was we were anywhere between 6-8 depending on how we do up in CAL. If we win he see us starting to steam roll. Get it right idiot! Thanks Gold for showing us some love in that interview. I had a smile on my face..

  • The Big Woof!

    Geez, we actually got a little love from Liar John in between his wisecracks – I compliment him for the good words, disguised as they are which is typical for him and his brethren.
    Living out of town, I did not listen tho the broadcast, but I do wish to compliment Mr. Gold for his knowledge of football and his (mostly) astute questions he asks the players in the interviews.
    Jon, keep up the good work!

  • Blue Bruin

    Dicky Brehaut? Love it!

  • Chow Hound

    You know Gold loves that talk with Petros about gettin’ them some hot dogs, burritos, and pizza up in Berkely…

  • Slippery Pete

    We haven’t proven anything in the Pac 10 yet so the bottom half sounds about right to me. The Pac 10 is extremely strong this year and even if we grow, we may not jump that much in the conference standings. Lets rout Wazzu and get a win on the road against Kal.

    If Gold and Petros are going to have a day at it in Berkeley I suggest they pick up a Fat Slice, some tapes at Rasputins, and (if they really like to get crunchy) buy a glass piece on Telegraph. A true Berkeley experience. Couldn’t be a cuter couple to make the rounds.

  • Watty

    Woof (and others) – they archive the shows at in case you missed it live like myself. I was able to still listen to it there, so I’m fully recovered from the unexpected Hartman fiasco. Fun interview, with good info:

  • Watty

    Oh, and as for Lawyer John. His stuffy self-righteousness has no business partaking in “Crunchy Groove Thursdays”

  • Roksinger