Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Is Josh Smith (basketball) going to get redshirted and what is his weight right now? – Anonymous
Redshirted? That’s ridiculous. Many are predicting Smith to be one of the better centers in the Pac-10 immediately. Not sure about his weight, but I’d heard he’s lost a bunch of fat, and he’s looked slimmer on campus when I’ve seen him.

2) Is it true that ucla basketball is switching to an up-tempo offense? Also, how many scholarships do we have to give out? – Anonymous
No, Ben Howland is going to play Ben Howland basketball. And as of now, only one, but I’d expect one or more to open.

3) What do you hear of Lyons allegedly recruiting Kent Turene for UCLA? Baseless rumor or something more? – spedjones
I don’t really consider it “recruiting” Kent Turene, but more telling him about his experience and what he likes about the school. A lot of people really like more than one school. A kid may consider one school a 10 and another a 9.9. If UCLA doesn’t end up getting Lyons, they at least made a very good impression.

4) Jon, hope you had some good times on 6th street in Austin mixed in with work. Anyhow, thanks for the work on this blog…definitely a nice break from work a couple of times a day. A few questions: 1. Do you think Neuheisel and Chow hold back on the playbook against Wazzu this Saturday? – sandiegobruinfan
Given Prince’s unsure status, I have no idea what to expect Saturday. I wasn’t expecting them to really throw all over the field anyway, but now I really have no idea. All I know it they need a big win.

5) For all the criticism of Prince’s passing performance this season (some deserved, some way over the line in my opinion), do you think the receiving corps and O-line (despite the fantastic run blocking) have held up their end of the bargain in the passing game? – sandiegobruinfan
No, but I can’t really blame them either. Everyone was thrown off with the Prince injuries and handling. Just an unlucky unfortunate situation.

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  • captain obvious

    “Just an unlucky unfortunate situation.”

    How sad is it that you can apply that statement to every month of every year of UCLA football since the first week of December, 1998?!

  • Anonymous

    Re: question #3. I’m old and my memory fades, but who is Lyons and who is Kent Turene – sounds like a soup dish. It would really help those of us not up on every last detail to know what sport and what position is being discussed.

  • The Big Woof!

    Anon above was me – I forgot to sign in.
    Re: #2: Ben Howland Basketball features a very tough defense, but the offense varies with his personnel. There were plenty of fast breaks when Kevin Love was clearing the ball past midcourt. I also remember Ben’s NAU teams coming into Pauley and playing uptempo offense and shooting lots of threes many years ago (I told you I was old, but that I remember.)

  • Huitzilopochtli
  • The Big Woof!

    Thanks for the links. Sounds like Lyons with his 4.8 GPA would make a great Bruin. Turene sounds like a typical trojan (or a soup dish).
    My point again, with a little more info in the question or the response, those of us not up on every last recruiting detail would know what’s being discussed without having to elicit help or do further research.