10 Questions: Ricky Marvray

Congrats to ToeJam Slayer for winning the fourth weekly poll, and with it, the 10 questions for any UCLA player.

He chose Ricky Marvray. This one includes road-tripping, death metal and hated mascots.

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  • Anonymous

    Jon – your “10 Questions” routines are pretty enjoyable. I liked Marvray’s expression when you told him who the questions were from (40 sec mark).

    Jon: “This is from Toejam Slayer…”
    Marvray: [thinking] “WTF?”


  • ToejamSlayer


  • Reformed Droog

    Should we be concerned that he self-admittedly doesn’t get on the computer too much?

  • Anonymous

    Jon doesnt know who Vontaze is? The #1 LB in his class. Beast player. Future first rounder.

  • Anonymous


    that’s probably one that you should’ve left off the video…that one will hurt the street cred just a bit. Yikes!

    Who’s this? Pey….pey….peyton Manning?

  • Anonymous

    Not to beat a dead horse Jon, but how do you not know who Vontaze Burfict is? Highest rated recruit in ASU history. 2nd best LB in the conference behind Ayers. Will be a first found pick in the near future. Amazing HS and College player. He really burst into the college football scene with an outstanding game against Georgia last year.

  • Ohhhh, Vontaze BUUUUURRRFIIICCCT. Got him confused with that other Vontaze. My bad.

  • BruinFaithful


    GREAT F’n Questions, except maybe for the Heavy Metal part.


    These are the type of questions we would like to see you ask. Really get in a players head.

  • la-ukla

    These 10 questions segments are great. I love the humor behind the questions and the player’s are chill and just go along. It’s cool to get to know these guys and what their personalities & sense of humor are like. All the players so far have been solid & I’m proud they’re Bruins. Awesome job, Toejam!