Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Jon, thanks for your hard work. I’m always curious which of our freshman got playing time on our last game. Would you mind telling us after the game. Thanks. – bruinbiochem06

For the season: Jones, Marsh, Owa, Jefferson, Epenesa, Riley, Zumwalt, Barr, Koster, and OL Chris Ward got his first playing time against Texas.

2) Coaches tend to be set in their ways but who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks. Are you surprised with Rick and Norm (pass-happy offensive coaches) adopting the more run-oriented pistol so late in their career? Do you think Ben Howland will take something from Rick adopting a new offensive scheme? Or is he one of those stubborn ones set in his ways? – romeojam

I’m extremely surprised about Chow, but not as much about Neuheisel. Neuheisel spent so much time with the Baltimore Ravens, he saw what a running game + strong defense could do, and I think he’ll truly do whatever it takes to win. He’s not averse to change. He did it at Washington with great results. Howland…I think he’s pretty stuck in his ways. His ways work pretty darn well, though, no?

3) Can you give an overview on the 2011 basketball recruiting situation–what positions are recruiting priorities, who does UCLA especially want, and how many recruits UCLA actually plans to take? Or, with Powell’s commitment, is UCLA done recruiting for the year? – Anonymous

Powell is a huge get, but Quinn Cook and Adonis Thomas – who are both in town for official visits this weekend – would be huge, too. Cook (No. 4 PG) and Thomas (No. 2 SF) are elite players. UCLA at the moment has one scholarship, for Powell, but I assume at least one will open up, so to get Cook or Thomas would be gigantic. Both are long-shots, though.

4) I know you’ve been asked a million and one times but can you give us an update on why Joseph Fauria has yet to start over Cory “Stonehands” Harkey? – Martin

Harkey is a magnificent blocker, and in UCLA’s running scheme, the tight end is crucial. Fauria will get more time as he becomes a better blocker and as the passing game starts to open up. He’s too good to not see the field.

5) Great tip on 5 Guys in Thousand Oaks, it’s my new favorite lunch spot. Any others? – Resource Guy

My taste buds says your welcome. For Mexican, try Los Dos Amigos on T.O. Blvd, one of the best tortas I’ve ever had, and extremely cheap. For a greasy spoon, try P&L Hamburger on Arboles (worked there on-and-off during high school) and try the P&L Burger. Out of Thousand Oaks: California Pita near Topanga on Ventura (greek, amazing, cheap), The Infield in Sherman Oaks (hot dogs, amazing, cheap) and Blue Dog in Sherman Oaks (American, amazing, pretty cheap). I’ll try to think of more. Keep asking. I love this. Until I die at 41 of a heart attack. Then I won’t love it as much.

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  • Ben G

    If you’re in the TO area and you want good, inexpensive mexican food go to 3 amigos in Newbury Park in the shopping center across from Newbury Park High. Probably the best mexican takeout in the valley, definitely the best in Ventura county

  • Reformed Droog

    Quoth Daniel Daly: “Come on, you sons of bitches! Do you want to live forever?”

  • The Real Chuckaboo

    As to #4, if you watched the Texas game it might answer your question. Even the announcers called out Fauria and his ole! block that almost got Prince killed. Harkey hasn’t been able to catch a cold this year for some reason, but the dude is an extra OL on blocking plays.

  • Rob

    I could never go to California Pita because it’s way to close to Barone’s on Ventura just past Shoup going west.

    Best pizza in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Real Chuckaboo:

    You might want to watch that play again, and pay attention to the action on the field instead of the airhead announcers. Fauria absolutely whiffs on his block. But Prince gets hit at basically the same time by BOTH Texas defensive ends. You want to guess who had the blocking responsibility for the other Texas DE? Hint: His name rhymes with Car key.

    I don’t know where this meme that Harkey is an amazing blocker has come from – he’s had at least one massive breakdown in protection in every game this year.