Now that I have your attention…

I’m sorry.

Had a rough week last week and forgot to run the Poll of the Week score prediction contest. I enjoy the 10 Questions segments as well – always interesting to read the questions you wackos come up with – and I just plain forgot.

To make it up…

Four tickets to either UCLA v. Arizona or UCLA v. Oregon State for the best personally written UCLA story, for posting on the blog. I’ve always been curious to hear some of your UCLA-related stories, because I think the fan experience is vastly different from the reporter experience. Take, for example, the Texas game last week. I was in the press box and in the hotel writing all night on Saturday. I have no idea what Austin was like that night. Don’t know any cool stories, anything other than my computer screen and the giant cricket that flew in my window.

So send a thoughtful story about your best UCLA fan experience to If you care to post in the comments section, that’s fine, just don’t be vulgar. Leave that up to me.

I’ll post what I consider the best story on the blog later next week, and like I said, the winner will get four tickets to either UCLA v. Arizona or UCLA v. Oregon State.

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how many fball scholarships we have left?

  • Canadian Guy

    One time, at a UCLA home game, I tried to make out with my girlfriend, but she said there was no way.

  • Backdoor Cut

    Jon, that wasn’t a cricket that flew in, it was one of those giant cockroaches Texas is (in)famous for.

  • Denise

    I love my dad and have been blessed in life to be his baby daughter of four. Family has been the most important thing in his life and it was family that we all turned to in the days following September 11th, 2001. UCLA played Ohio State at the Rose Bowl in their first game after that solemn time and I asked my dad to accompany me. I was a bit scared to go anywhere that might be a target and a place like the Rose Bowl is just such a place as one of America’s shining “grand daddy of them all” fields. Sports and a lot of things weren’t being played and to be there with everyone else was special. I still have the poster with the American Flag “United We Stand” that we held up during the National Anthem and all throughout the game when our Bruins took the field and won the game against the mighty Buckeyes. But it did feel like we were all one that day as it was so good to see things getting back to normal, college football on a Saturday. My dad is the hardest worker ever and shared with me his love for all sports, teamwork, and to love one another. He’s a truck driver during the week and a barber on the Saturdays, but on this Saturday he took the day off to be with me and watch a beautiful game with the people of Los Angeles who wanted to get out of their house and share shouting AMERICA and BRUIN chants all day long. My dad doesn’t like going to games because he’s too busy and it’s too expensive. He’d rather sit and watch on tv after work or on his day off after he goes to church on Sundays. But he was with me on this day to help support the Bruins, the school he sent three of his kids to who became an attorney, banker, and me, the teacher. UNITED WE STAND! Every time I look at that poster I have in my room I still get shivers and it juices me up with PRIDE! America, we love you. I’d so love to get free tickets to the Arizona or OSU game because I love the Rose Bowl and my BRUINS! We’re having a great, gut checking, melding as a family type year. BRUINS!

  • Blue Critter

    The year 1966 Rose Bowl UCLA v. Michigan State. I had an extra ticket to the game and as I was walking into the Rose Bowl I passed a military command car in the parking lot. A young marine standing there in front of the car watching all the fans walk by. I asked him if he was going to the game and he said that he didn’t have a ticket nor did he have any money. I handed him the ticket and said come on. (The Vietnam War was in full swing). He had drawn the duty as the regular driver had gone home for the holidays. He said ok but I can afford the program and I said ok, I get to buy the hot dogs. We sat and cheered the Bruins on to win the game. Quicly following the game he had to run back to the command car to be ready to drive away. I never knew his whole name, but I know that if he survived the war or is still alive he will always remember on New Years Day to think about UCLA that day and that time day as I do.

    I do not need the tickets as I already have a ticket to the games. However if this very true story happens to be a winner I want the tickets to go to the U.S. Marine base at Camp Pendelton for a few of those that have served overseas in the war to attend the game and also to shake the hand of coach Neuheisel.

  • Anonymous

    IMHO, the previous two posts each deserve 4 tickets.

  • The Hulk

    My single greatest UCLA fan experience happened on December 2, 2006 usc vs UCLA. Unlike most students, I transferred into UCLA from another UC school that didn’t even have a football team so for me UCLA football was a real privilege to experience and something I never took for granted. The year before this game, I gathered some close friends and we all made the trip to the Coliseum only to witness a horrific beatdown, even from our seats all the way in the ice cold air at the cheap seats atop of the stadium. Sitting there postgame it looked like a hurricane rolled through and left a trail of destruction in its wake.

    Nevertheless, on December 2, 2006, undeterred from last year’s debacle, I again gathered two of my closest friends and we made the trip to the Rose Bowl but not before we made a run to KFC for a 12 piece bucket of chicken that we proceeded to demolish before the game. While we sat and ate at one of the curbs near the Rose Bowl gates, a flock of trojan fans walked by and beat their chests while predicting a repeat performance of last year’s blowout. While I had a burning desire to throw some chicken at them, I reminded myself that Bruin fans handle themselves with class and instead responded that we would see what would happen on the field–Although I still wanted to throw something at them.
    However, something in the air that night told me that things would be magical. Maybe the Colonel’s recipe was extra potent in the chicken, or maybe it was when the event staff told me, “they ain’t gonna let you bring that football in” and, in not wanting to check-in my football for fear someone might claim it is their own, I had my buddy go in first and I launched a perfect spiral with the just the right trajectory over the gates that landed safely in his hands. Success! We both did a little Joe Bruin shuffle as our celebratory dance. I knew this was a sign of things to come and that entire game was pure euphoria. The euphoria spilled over to the festivities in Westwood after the game and amidst the burning couches and riot police herding people, I stopped by a party where Pat Cowan was at and high fived him saying something along the lines of “you’re a god amongst men! Thank you so much!” Admittedly I was inebriated but it was cool nonetheless.

    Having experienced the polar ends of being a football fan, this game was the signature moment in my personal UCLA football experiences and something I won’t ever forget.

  • MaltBaa

    I went to the game last year in Knoxville with a couple buddies of mine. We got into town on Friday night and were just wondering around the campus having a good time, drinking, having fun with the scavenger hunt people who needed to take a picture with people from UCLA. It was a great time, although we started talking to this sorority girl for a few minutes, we were asking her about the location of any parties she had heard of or good bars to drink at. She seemed very nice, didnt know of any parties but we asked if we could exchange numbers so she could let us know if she did find anything, she obliged and gave me her phone number. We all went on our way and about twenty minutes later, three cop cars pull over right in front of us. They started individually questioning us on a very busy main street in downtown Knoxville. So supposedly the girl told the police that we stole her phone and that we were going to call her later and make threatening phone calls and such, which was clearly BS. Everyone was honking and telling the cops to arrest us and all sorts of other friendly comments. We even caused a car accident because of the rubber necking. They ended up splitting us all up to get questioned individually about what had happened. We all split up to give our version of the story which happened to be same for all of us, so they believed us. Especially since they had an eye witness that told them the same story. They told us that the girl made this up to prove herself to her sorority, which is fine by me, I guess I understand, we were wearing UCLA gear in Knoxville I guess we kinda deserved it. Ill add the pictures to the insideucla facebook page.

  • bruins52

    well i think this is worth a try. i unfortunately have never been able to attend a game but i do have some great fan moments. One such moment is that of december 2, 2006. It was UCLA vs. USC. Of course USC was a huge favorite and UCLA had been disregarded completely by all the sports world. i remember waking up and talking it up about UCLA to my brother and sisters(all USC fans). they had all the USC gear going on and they were talking there trash. so the whole day i was just wishing they would pull it off and knock off USC and end there national championship aspirations. So the whole game i was really nervous. Then i remember patrick cowan’s touchdown that really hyped me up. the rest of the game waa close. i was nervous the whole time. then john david booty began that drive that everybody though was gonna give USC the win.but thankfully eric mcneal came up with the huge INT. I remember just going crazy and letting my sisters and bro hear it. The rest of the day i did not hear a single word from a single USC fan which topped it all off. well thanks jon, and i know its a longshot but its worth a try for those tickets to see my first live game. Thanks