• bbruin

    I really like this guy.

  • Reformed Droog

    Maybe Jon can get his number for you?

    I keeeeeed…

  • bbruin

    you got me.
    Seriously he is reportedly a very good coach, teacher and recruiter. Very well spoken. Dont think he has seen his 30th Bday yet.

  • Hollywood Bruin

    Anyone else glad we almost lost??

    WHAAAT?? No for real.

    This recent success almost went to our players heads, especially on defense. This gut check and reminder that you gotta show up every day on practice to show up on Saturday. This struggle was a blessing so we prepare for our tough conference games with ZEALLL.

    nice vid jon

  • Reformed Droog

    All jokes aside, bbruin, I think he’s a future coaching star, too.