UCLA v. WSU Report Card


RESULT: UCLA 42, Washington State 28

Richard Brehaut wasn’t perfect in the air, but he handled his run-reads flawlessly.

Honestly, where can Johnrick Frankman go from here? One-two (three, four, five) punch combined for 401 yards, four TDs.

Tremendous down-field blocking once again, and some key catches at important times.

Not sure if their girlfriends like it, but ‘Filthy Five’ moniker sure fits this group.

David Carter’s three sacks makes up for overall unimpressive game for front line.

Stat monster Akeem Ayers (sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery) has to be a shoe-in for Pac-10 Defensive POY, right?

Burned deep way too many times against pedestrian Cougar offense, but several clutch tackles.

With the way the offense has gone the last three weeks, thankfully Jeff Locke does kickoffs, too. He must be bored.

Not aggressive enough defensively, but offensive game plan was fantastic. Who knew Chow secretly liked to run?

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  • spedjones

    Probably a bit easy on the D overall. I’d give coaching a C only because Rick was able to hold everyone together at the end.

  • Poopie

    they’re? I though it was ‘their.’ I could be wrong, but I assumed somewhat with a journalism degree would know šŸ˜‰

  • MichaelRyerson

    Not exactly the kind of a game we’d hoped for but, over the long haul, probably does us more good psychologically than a blowout would have. Way closer than it needed to be. But a win is a win.

  • Anonymous

    Poopie your a tool, take a hike

  • Backdoor Cut

    Poopie, “somewhat” or “someone”?

    Pot…meet kettle.


    Jon, Q about the QB grade:

    Last week, the QB got an A or A-.

    yeah, it was a road game.

    But the QB was in the lead the whole time, I think. No real adversity to deal with.

    And the QB only threw 8 times.

    About a billion hand-offs and a couple of keepers. And that’s stellar performance.

    But the QB v WSU faced TONS of adversity.

    And it was his first start. After being strung along all week.

    And then he starts off 5 of 6 in the 1st Q. As many completions as Prince had all of last game.

    Just seems to me that Brehaut, given the circumstances and adversity, did a little better than B+.

  • El Oso

    Am I the only one that thought the passes from Brehaut looked better than the ones from Prince?

    I think Prince may be better at running but Brehaut raised some eyebrows with his passing IMO.

  • Reformed Droog

    Raised some eyebrows? He raised my blood pressure every time he threw long. You could probably have suited up and looked good throwing 5 yard out-routes against Wazzu’s defense.

    I’m not sure what game half the posters here were watching…

  • spedjones

    unfortunately, the pistol doesn’t really work without a run threat at QB. Prince must be the man until Hundley gets his legs.

  • VB

    Our defensive backfield deserves an ‘F.’ They are the only reason that WSU was in the game. It should have been 42-7.

  • Anonymous

    VB gets an F for pretending to know anything about prince’s knee injury.


    Just finished reading all the ucla comments on the SC blog about the Trojans’ loss, and every bruin poster was just as nasty as he could be. It certainly endears one to ol’ ucla.

    Congratulations to the bruins for their win; it only shows that every game in the Pac-10 will be a tough one


  • BigDbruin

    Brehaut’s passes looked excellent, he throws a ball that’s easy to catch. I love KP’s toughness but I believe Brehaut has a higher ceiling and is less injury prone. He is what he is, and the pistol will only open up room for continued injuries, if he doesn’t learn how to avoid big hits. Reformed, what have you been watching? have you seen KP’s “passing” numbers. Even the casual fan should be able to see the huge difference in passing ability between the two especially considering this was Brehaut’s first start.

  • Todd

    I think Jon nailed the grades across the board this week.

  • Reformed Droog

    I’m not saying that Prince is a better passer than Brehaut. I haven’t seen a practice in 3 years so I – like everyone else – have seen very little of Brehaut. I can only trust that Rick and Norm are putting the best QB on the field on Saturdays.

    But, when I see a duck, I call it a duck. Sure, Brehaut looked good on his short passing routes, and yes, his mechanics seem better than Prince’s, but (a) that was WSU we just played, and (b) Richard’s long balls were horrible and dangerous. Look – when Prince struggled, I criticized his performances, too.

    I’m not discounting the job that Brehaut did yesterday. He struggled through the middle of the game, but he got it together and pulled out a win. He definitely showed a lot of promise, but people are acting as though Brehaut’s performance was AMAZING. That’s the game I didn’t see, and that was my point.

  • Coach Thom

    I tend to agree about my fellow Bruins’ comments on other teams’ forums. (Backdoor Cut, please check my use of apostrophes to ensure they are correct.) Wearesc loves referring to UCLA as ‘FUCLA’ but that’s no worse than Bruins calling them $CUM, Toejams, or $UCSTERS. It’s all good fun. Re the ‘QB controversy’; there is no controversy. Prince is the anointed one and will continue to develop throughout this season. As Brehaut pointed out, the Revolver is a very complicated scheme and relies totally on the QB making the right read and then making the right decision, all in a split second. I’m sure Kevin’s passing will improve as the season unfolds. The main thing is for the players to maintain a high level of intensity, focus, execution, and courage.

  • Backdoor Cut

    Coach Thom, the colon goes inside (what should be) double quotes.

    You’re welcome.

  • Anonymous

    “Filthy Five” = Even worse that “Oso Loco”