Post-Practice Update

* When I forget to write about intensity, as has been asked about recently, it’s because nothing sticks out. It’s neither good nor bad. Today…was great. One of the louder practices in recent memory, and that stems from a really good scout team look. Because of the rain, UCLA pretty much split the artificial turf into two fields, and maybe all of the commotion led to the intensity. But overall, very good practice.

* Junior defensive end Datone Jones, who broke his foot on the second day of fall camp, appears to be about a week away from having the walking boot removed, whereupon he can begin light jogging.

* Junior linebacker Steve Sloan missed practice with a sore right knee and had an MRI, the results of which will be discussed Wednesday night with his doctors. Rick Neuheisel doesn’t expect anything serious.

* Quarterback Nick Crissman has a torn labrum, the same injury that sidelined him in 2008, and he’s likely shelved for the year. Tough break for a good kid.

* Sophomore safety Dalton Hilliard, who sprained his shoulder against Washington State, missed his second straight day of practice and is doubtful for the Cal matchup.

* Courtney Viney had a great practice, picking off three passes and coming up with a really nice pass break-up in the end zone. Viney, don’t forget, started in Week 2 last season after Aaron Hester went down before being suspended for a violation of team rules and losing his starting spot.

* Ricky Marvray just continues to impress me, with both the way he fights to get open and fights for the ball in the air. Tremendous job of finding seams in the defense, but more importantly, he makes the difficult catch. He had a really nice catch on a deep ball from Prince on the sidelines and and another nice grab in traffic later in practice.

* I have to imagine Joseph Fauria is getting frustrated by his role, because his best strength is masked in the Pistol offense. He is a true red-zone threat, but with the way the offense has run the ball, you just have to stick with that. He had a couple catches on 7-on-7, and I think they’ll start to feature him more.

* Some good one-on-one matchups on the line during individual work. Cassius Marsh used a nice move to beat Chris Ward, Brett Downey was able to shield Damien Holmes from the backfield, Stan Hasiak got good leverage on Owa Odighizuwa and David Carter won a really physical battle with Kody Innes. Good things in store for the UCLA offensive and defensive lines, in my book.

* A couple people asked me if Owa was going to get the starting nod after working with the ones last week, and I kind of brushed them off. His ascension to the first unit really has been that sudden. Still, given Akeem Ayers’ hybrid position, Owa is not getting a true “start.” Essentially, if UCLA continues to run the nickel package as often as it has, Ayers really counts as a defensive end. But Owa will definitely get more and more time, and it’s deserved. Kid is a freak of nature.

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  • SpencerStueve

    Tough break for Crissman. Chris Foster said today that Nick had another surgery on the same shoulder for the torn labrum.

  • Jerk

    Can Crissman still hold the clipboard with the torn labrum?

  • Martin

    Does anyone know how Ayers shoulder is holding up?

  • Hot Bruin

    “Good things in store for the UCLA offensive and defensive lines…” Yeah Jon, can’t wait for the starters who were injured in fall camp to come back on the O and D lines. It’s gonna be an awesome 2nd half of the season. Go Bruins!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent report Jon! Thanks for all the info.

  • j_doe

    Marvray had 3 picks? Nice!

    Wait a minute….. I guess that means Prince had 3 picks too. Ugh…..

  • VBs Cat


    i think you meant Viney had 3 picks not Marvray

    Not sure how you figured Prince threw all 3 since JG never mentioned the QB. Maybe Viney picked off each QB?
    Maybe 2 off Brehaut 1 off Bell, Maybe 3 off Brehaut?
    Maybe 3 off Bell? Maybe 2 off Brehaut 1 off Prince? Or 2 off Bell 1 off Prince? Maybe

  • Anonymous

    I think the picks that Viney had were probably off the scout team QB, cause if i remember the last practice I was at, the offense doesnt go against the defense that much while preparing for a game.

  • Anonymous

    spedjones has been joined by blue bruin, hot bruin and the ghost of charlie bucket today trolling on Inside USC.

  • anonymous

    Good to hear that Stan Hasiak is being physical out there… We haven’t heard much about him lately but I’d like to. If I’m not mistaken the kid is said to be the strongest guy on the team and… Although he has been suspended for various problems regarding his attitude and getting in fights you never know if the guy might one day channel that into opposing defenders. A big freakishly strong Hawaiian with a mean streak could put some serious filth in filthy become a force… Personally, I’d like to see Hasiak and XSF kickin a$$ and takin names in 2012. Great to hear we have some other talented guys on both sides of the ball as well… Practicing against a good defensive linemen makes a good offensive linemen great and vice versa.

  • Reformed Droog

    @Anonymous 11:40PM

    Stan Hasiak is academically ineligible for this season. That’s why you’re not hearing much about him.

  • TruBruin

    Time for Crissman to medically retire,……
    Remember just a few years ago when when the Nick Crissman- Andre Dean combination was going to turn it all around for Dorrell!!!!