UCLA, USC reportedly get $2 million extra in TV deal

The Seattle Times’ fantastic reporter Bud Withers is reporting that UCLA and USC will initially receive an extra $2 million per year in the Pac-10 (12)’s new TV deal: Big Bump

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  • Bruin Zealot

    OMGoodness, 53 million dollars when other leagues are getting 150-200 million a year. Geez, WTF Tom Hansen, how could you let the league down like that?! I truly didn’t realize how horrendous our tv contracts are. Wow, no wonder Larry Scott is being given carte blanche.

  • Semi-Pro

    Um…college football accounts for a MUCH smaller TV market share out here than in the places that get the huge TV contracts. Plus, there’s very little nationwide TV audience for most Pac-10/12 teams. Nobody back east or in the south cares about seeing an Arizona – WashSt game…put people EVERYWHERE will watch an Auburn – LSU game.

  • Bruin Zealot

    I thought you retired Tom Hansen. Is the Pac-10 a 100 million dollar lower tier conference? I think you undervalue the league. Do think people nationally just as interested in a USC-Washington game just as an Auburn-LSU game. Does the country care about a Kentucky-Vanderbilt game? Ultimately, comes down to how you market your league (product) and Pac-10 has not been doing a good job. Hopefully, that is in the past.

  • CrouchingBruin

    I think the bigger news is this paragraph:

    “Last week, USC athletic director Pat Haden revealed at a Trojans booster meeting that the ADs, in concert with Scott, had voted on a divisional alignment of the Northwest plus the Bay Area schools, putting the Los Angeles schools with the Arizonas, Colorado and Utah.”

    Ugh! It’s not going to be the same, not playing the Bay Area schools on a regular basis.

  • Anonymous