Post-Practice Update

* Kevin Prince was “rested” for the second straight day, and UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said that the starting quarterback against Oregon would be a game-time decision, but you have to believe that Richard Brehaut is going to be the guy against the Ducks.

* Neuheisel said Prince actually had two MRIs, one with UCLA and one with a personal doctor – the one who performed surgery on his torn ACL during his senior year of high school – but the results are unavailable.

* Brehaut was still a bit inconsistent, but managed some nice individual throws. I still think he can handle the workload, but he needs all the reps he can get. I’m just not understanding how they didn’t realize Prince’s knee wasn’t healing all that well, and why they just didn’t shut him down in the first place. Brehaut could’ve used the work.

* Cornerback Sheldon Price missed practice as well, and it looks like Courtney Viney and Andrew Abbott will start, with Aaron Hester at backup and in the nickel package.

* The team devoted extra time to special teams work at the end of practice, and with Damien Thigpen returning kicks, they needed the extra work. Thigpen has incredible burst, but has struggled throughout the season with catching the ball on returns. He should handle kickoffs, with Taylor Embree still at punt returner.

* Saw some impressive work from Cassius Marsh and Ricky Marvray. Marsh is using his hands really well on the line, and Marvray catches the ball just so well. It was a lighter day, in shorts and shells and in the rain, so there’s not much to take from that, but still a good day for them.

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  • Anonymous

    wait on the news they said kevin prince wasnt playing

  • Hot Bruin

    “I’m just not understanding how they didn’t realize Prince’s knee wasn’t healing all that well, and why they just didn’t shut him down in the first place. Brehaut could’ve used the work.”
    Congratulations Jon! You’re now beginning to the sense frustration Bruin fans have been feeling all year about Chow and Neu’s insistance on using Prince over Brehaut. The next step is to lower your expectations to rock bottom like you’ve asked us to do, remember: Patience is a virtue!

  • ucla34

    Pretty much everyone thiks I’m nuts for picking Ucla to win 38-21. Either Bre is gonna have a breakout game and we pull off the upset or Ucla loses. I don’t see us getting blown out like everyone expects though. Wash St. kept the game close and scored 23 on them. No one seems to be pointing that out. Or the fact that ASU kept it close as well. Ucla and the inconsisitancy this year gives me hope, as does Bre. Ore hasn’t faced a rushing attack like Ucla and if we can keep the chains moving and keep consistent drives, we win! Bre shows himself and becomes the starter from here on out! I could be wrong, but for some reason I see the upset coming. Also, I don’t think Ore is used to all the attention and a #1 ranking. We shall see but I’m sticking to my guns!
    Ucla 38 Ore 21

  • SoCaliStud21

    What the hell CRN saying? “Nothing’s too big for Richard,” Neuheisel said. “I’m not concerned that he’ll be overwhelmed. If they overwhelm us, it will be because they overwhelm us. It won’t be because Richard’s not ready for that.”

    Yeah right, if he trusted him, Brehaut would have been starting after Prince got knocked out early this season. IDK what’s up KP, I don’t think he’ll able to EVER be HEALTHY!

  • SoCaliStud21

    @UCLA34, lol what a clown. 38-21. Are you serious? lol I can’t even put up any points against Cal? What makes you think we are going to put 38 against Oregon? lol If UCLA pulls off a win, it would be very close.

  • ucla34

    SoCaliDud lol @ you! Gee I dunno? Ummm……..we put up 34 against Texas whos defense is a hell of a lot better than Ore. They just beat #5 Neraska! Think before you talk please. Blowout loses against Stan and Cal because our offense was pathetic! Who was our QB for those games? That’s right KP. Bre is more accurate and has a better arm. Laugh all you want. I’ll accept your apology on saturday Bub!


    @Ucla34- I LOVE IT!I believed we would beat Texas and we did I don’t have a good feeling about this game but I’m staying positive (not as positive as you ) we need more positive BRUIN FANS like you GO BRUINS!

  • cv

    Who was the QB against Texas? RBs arm is not that much better than KP.

  • BigDbruin

    Take a closer look at Oregon….New Mexico? Tenn? Portland st.? They did beat ASU in Tempe by 11 but ASU had 7 turnovers and Ore scored on two of them. Quality win vs Stanford which did have them down 21-3 after 1st and 31-24 at the half before imploding in the 2nd half. Oregons sos(schedule strenth) is #50 while Ucla is #7. Oregons opponents have a 13-24(.351%) record while the Bruins opponents have a 21-16 combined record (.568). The problem is the Bruins have looked horrible in all three losses.

    I’m not saying Oregon isn’t very good, but i’m not as impressed with their record as many others are and if the Bruins bring their A game they should be able to compete with the Ducks. Heck if UCLA has the Ducks schedule they would most likely be 5-1 with the one loss being at Stanford.

    I don’t care what anyone says: If Neu had prepared Brehaut to play against Kansas St.,Stanford and CAL the bruins would have won at least 1 maybe 2 of those games. Putting KP out there with limited reps coming off injuries made no sense at all.

  • Football Fan

    Rick it’s time to play Bell. For whatever reason you have allowed Norm to stay with Phil Jackson at qb with no mobility.

    Bell can run and throw and is the most effective to run out of the pistol. Have you watched the film of Bell last year? He is running and throwing all over the field effectively. what a novel concept for a Bruin qb playing in a pistol offense.

    The sands in the hourglass are starting to run out. It’s time to quit picking qb’s based on what church they attend and play the most effective guy. Another couple of slaughters like Stanford and Cal and you will be coaching high school again.

    Bell offers the best chance to beat USC without question. Some coaches just never quite see the forest for the trees. Don’t continue to be one of those coaches.

  • Hadenough

    Since our QB only has a few nice throws in individual drills according to Jon Gold, we should switch to flag football. Are you kidding me? Get blown out so Dan Guerrero can see what an embarassment we are on national tv. We are tired of you Neuheisel.

  • Anonymous

    ucla 34..umm who was our qb for houston and texas?ya that was kevin and that was our upsets.we were expected to win the game over washington st. but i do like how positive you are being and more fans should be like you.

  • ucla34

    Anonymous you are correct. Prince was our QB against Texas, but lets be real. He didn’t have to hardly pass at all and had few attempts. I just think Bre has a better arm and is more accurrate which gives our offense a chance to keep moving the chains. Also don’t forget that when we played Wash St. Bre was the QB and we rushed for over 400 yds. Yeah, I know it was Wast St. but still. I’m a true fan and I can see us winning against Ore. Thanks fo the compliment. We need to creat a new culture as UCLA fans. I’ll always believe we can beat anyone! We aee UCLA and that should be expected! Go Bruins!

  • SoCalDuck

    UCLA is a joke. Ducks win by 25 or more.