UCLA Midseason Report Card


Hard to really judge the passing game because of Kevin Prince’s health, or lack thereof, but on-field performance has been brutal.

Big loss to Cal in Week 6 dampens some of the performance, but can’t ignore huge numbers and No. 13 national rushing rank.

Unit that was supposed to have breakout performers has broken out alright. In hives, boils and pox. Nothing going so far.

Easy to give “Filthy Five” an A for run blocking, but pass protection isn’t up to par.

Surprisingly almost matching last year’s big-play production minus Brian Price, but lapses, inconsistency still a plague.

Akeem Ayers and Patrick Larimore have been fantastic at times and Sean Westgate (team-high 50 tackles) is a bright spot.

Quarterbacks throwing just as often as 2009, but Bruins have only three picks at the halfway mark.

Both of Kai Forbath’s misses are from 49 yards, Jeff Locke averaging 46.6 per punt, but return game hasn’t been revamped like expected.

Questionable quarterback decisions and Johnathan Franklin’s relative early lack of work brings grade down, but overall, pretty good.

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  • Anonymous

    Coaching is pretty good, but you gave a C?
    I don’t think they are good.

  • Hollywood Bruin

    What’s funny is if this was given after the WSU, each letter would be higher…

    If we win at Oregon same thing…


  • doug4ucla

    A old coaching friend I know, told me years ago playing Soph and Frosh will cost you a game or two during the season………so, hard tell if that has come to pass this year…….

  • Anonymous

    overall agree with the grades. the good part is that there is still time to improve, and as noted, there is alot to improve on… i’d give QB a little higher grade, tho, due to the injuries. KP has had decent zone-reads for the most part, but just can’t seem to get the timing down on passing –> but some of this has to do with the receivers and lack of pass protection.

    Running backs – agree with grade, but feel that the main reason for the B+ to be the fumbles…

    Wideouts – maybe even lower than a D. I find it hard to believe that ALL of our opponents have such good d-backs that our WR can’t find any open space. This was supposed to be one of our strengths and not only are we not getting separation, but there have been WAY too many dropped passes and/or catchable passes that just weren’t caught/pursued.

    Special teams – better than a B. A- in my opinion. Josh Smith is ready to break out for a TD return. We have had several turnovers due to special teams coverage which has either saved the game for us or helped keep us in it. Thigpen has been doing well. Locke has been solid all year. Kai hasn’t really had a chance to show off his leg much recently.

    Coaching – TBD. Lack of in-game adjustments is my biggest gripe. We’ll see how they prepared our team with the extra bye week after the Cal game exposed all (hopefully) of our weaknesses.

  • TruBruin

    Stop being a lineman homer! While the pistol has helped take some pressure off of them, pass blocking is actually considered the is difficult of the two forms of blocking.They are failing in the pass.c grade at best.
    Receivers FAIL:!!!!!!!!!!
    Coaching??? D at best. The coaches responsibility is to prepare the team to compete. There have been 2 games (33percent) this season where the team simply did not compete

  • TruBruin

    Check that Pass blocking being the less difficult of the to

  • spedjones

    I’m not a Prince hater, but I don’t see how you give the worst QB in football anything but an F.

  • DFWTrojan

    Coaching gets a C? A combined 42-98 score against the Pac10 with the margin differential increasing by 40 or 50 on Thursday…..gets a C? #2 recruiting class in conference 3 of last 4 seasons, but staring at 9th place conference finish….gets a C? I can’t think of a coach who has done less with more in American than Neuheisel. F from me.