Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) What are your thoughts on the impact the Wear twins will have on the frontcourt when they’re eligible next season? – Anonymous

I think they will be crucial complimentary pieces, but I’m not sure that they’ll leapfrog Joshua Smith and Reeves Nelson in the rotation. Very underrated transfers, though. Maybe the hype will increase next year, but I’m kind of surprised they aren’t talked about more often. I don’t get any questions about them.

2) Given the pieces currently on roster D. Bell is best fit at QB right now. Y/N
Kevin Prince is an average D1 QB at his ceiling. R. Brehaut has the ability to become an above average D1 QB in the rght system? Y/N
Is the current commitment level to football at UCLA by the powers to be enough to make UCLA a perenial powerhouse in the new PAC 12? Y/N
I was positive that the Lure of NEU and CHOW would be irresistable for elite QB recruiting. Would you consider Brehaut and Hundley elite prospects. Y/N
– BigDBruin
No, No, No, Yes.

3) During an interview with Rahim Moore after the Cal game, one of the writers mentioned that some Bruin players were taking the loss lightly (i.e. laughing). Obviously, Moore did not think it was funny. Can you name who the light-hearted fellas were? If not, can you tell us which Bruins (other than Moore) really care about winning, and take losing hard? – Sunset Bruin
I was outside talking to Norm Chow for most of it, but I definitely heard Moore get after them. I only really caught the tail end of it. To be honest, I’ve seen that kind of stuff 1.000 times, I’ve been a part of that kind of stuff 1,000 times, so it just didn’t even faze me.

4) Jon do you think after another sub-par year CRN will finally have the guts to revamp his coaching staff (specifically getting rid of Chow) next year? – Hot Bruin
I think Neuheisel is a patient man, and I think he understands that continuity is crucial. He will not make a knee-jerk decision. If he does make a change, I think it will have to do with a direction a position is going in, rather than the performance of this or last season.

5) Has the coaching staff thought of hiring on any former Nevada players to help with the Pistol? – Fan4Life
I don’t know, but that’s a great question. I’ll ask them about it.

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  • uclaproflee

    Just saw ESPNU previewing Ducks v. Bruins game and Mike Bellotti said Prince is a capable QB who is an excellent runner. He said the far bigger problem is the receiving corps: they run bad routes, drop balls, don’t fight for balls against DBs, and there isn’t a single player that opposing teams have to always account for.

  • vvv

    So, No Brehaut can not become an above average QB?