Prince says torn meniscus

Spoke briefly with UCLA sophomore quarterback Kevin Prince in the locker room after the game, and the news isn’t good.
Prince told me he has a torn meniscus, and the arthroscopic surgery on Saturday is to determine the extent of the injury.
Will know more on Saturday, and I’ll get it up as soon as possible.
Looks like it’s Richard Brehaut’s ship for a while.

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  • Dallas Bruin

    There’s a name for that ship, and its the Titanic….

    Wish him luck though… hope they open it up a bit..

  • ESbruin

    LOL!!!!! I think Brehaut is a better passer and his mistakes are expected for a guy making his 2nd college start. Still, that’s a great analogy, Dallas.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, it looked like Brehaut got injured on his TD run at the end of the game and the offense didn’t play anymore. Is Brehaut even okay?

  • Anonymous

    Hope Prince recovers fully and that Brehaut’s okay.

  • Argh

    Another shameful performance…sigh…we’re all numb from ranting and complaining…when will it improve?

    We need to get to a level where even when we lose, we’re not out. For us, 3 out of the 4 losses this year have been utter disasters…how can the athletic department accept results like these…

    Texas got blown out by us…then lost to OU…and oh my god, the sky was falling in Austin…they looked horrible…but they continued to work and play with pride and passion, and guess what…they beat Nebraska and are back in the Top 25 again…the disturbing part is we’re not getting better. Rick always tells reporters there’s no quit in this team, but you can’t see that from the body language of the players and the “I don’t trust you” play-calling from the coaches…

    Finally, I’m not really sure the pistol offense is the answer to bringing UCLA football back…lots of key decisions in this upcoming offseason.

  • bruinfan123

    Sorry, but that loss was straight embarrassing!!! Before the game I thought oregon was easily beatable and I still do. Ucla just doesnt have a quality head coach. In college football, you need a hard nosed head coach not willing to put up with any b.s…Rick is too laid back for me. Watch nick saban, or chip kelly for that matter, they never say die, or even portray that they will lose on tv. Nick saban would be like if we lose, my team will do pushups until they cant move for a week, teach them a lesson. Rick says, well our team will keep on trying and put forth a good effort.Sounds like a losing coach who is willing to lose. Winners dont except losses. We need a big time defensive coach who will not except anything but the best performance from his team. Recruiting means nothing!!! Look at boise state, tcu, and even oregon. ucla has out recruited them the last 3 years. Proof to me that in college football, your players do not necessarily matter, your coaching and the scheme you play against your opponent matter a hell of a lot more!!!period

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the coaches are the problem,not the qb,it seems whomever neuheisel plays,they suck,maybe neuheisel can’t develop his abs.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Best wishes to KP and his recovery. He’s a hard-nosed tough kid and leader for this team even if we didn’t get the results we wanted on the field. The rash of injuries to our starting Bruin quarterbacks from Ben Olson to Patrick Cowan to Kevin Prince has been beyond incredible.

    Hope Brehaut comes out of the game not too worse for the wear. This loss sucks but there are other battles ahead and RB is likely to be the man for the rest of the season.

    Go Bruins!

  • j_doe

    Torn meniscus?? That is the same injury Bynum had, and it took him at least 6 weeks to recover. Prince is done for the year, so for the haters this is it. Brehaut and Bell for the rest of the year. Good luck connecting with covered receivers while the pocket is collapsing around you and you are getting drilled in the back. Such is the UCLA offense.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I hope KP is allright and the injury is not too serious.

    Having said that, it is probably the best thing that could have happened at this point. #1 It was sheer stupidity for the coaches to play KP at less than 100%. Sheer stupidity. Now they have no choice but to give Bre-No a chance.

    With Bre-No at 100% and getting all the reps, maybe, just maybe, we can get something resembling a passing game into the mix.

    At this point in this season, play all of the young ‘talent.’ ALL of them. This season is lost, so let’s get some “experience” for the “young” “inexperienced” players that have been the subject of much ‘pundintry.’ You know, the MORONS that keep saying, ‘We’re young and inexperienced.’

    Sorry, but I ain’t buying that excuse no mo! Put in all this young talent and get them SEASONED. What’s the worst that can happen? We lose 60 to 13. Oh wait, been there, done that!

  • INawe

    What is everyone complaining about. We got thoroughly beat by the #1 team in the nation. Get over it. Did you really think that we could have won this game? If you did then you are delusional. If anything I thought that the offense didn’t do that bad actually. It is our defense that was horrid. We had how many defensive stops in that game, 2 maybe?

    Either way, I hope that Prince gets 100% better. Brehaut is a better Qb and will get better as this season goes along and as he gets 100% of the reps during practice (as opposed to 40%). I wouldn’t count him out just because he was thrown to the sharks of Oregon for his second career start ever.

  • spedjones

    I hope Brehaut’s hurt too and they have to go to Bell.

  • j_doe

    Hmm… So you are saying you would rather have Bell lose the games than Brehaut? A loss is a loss. Not sure I get the logic there.