• spedjones

    for the love of God, Jon. Please give us a summary with each clip if you can. I can’t watch the videos at my desk and don’t have a half hour each night to sit through them at home.

  • Accountability Check

    UCLA Head Coaching History
    Years Coach Record
    1919 Fred Cozens 2–6
    1920–1922 Harry Trotter 2–13–1
    1923–1924 James J. Cline 2–10–3
    1925–1938 William H. Spaulding 72–51–8
    1939–1944 Edwin C. Horrell 24–31–6
    1945–1948 Bert LaBrucherie 23–16
    1949–1957 Henry Russell Sanders 66–19–1
    1958 George W. Dickerson 1–2
    1958–1964 William F. Barnes 31–34–3
    1965–1970 Tommy Prothro 41–18–3
    1971–1973 Pepper Rodgers 19–12–1
    1974–1975 Dick Vermeil 15–5–3
    1976–1995 Terry Donahue 151–74–8
    1996–2002 Bob Toledo 49–32
    2003–2007 Karl Dorrell 35–27
    2008– Rick Neuheisel 14–18

  • Reformed Droog

    sped – you already know what CRN is going to say.

    “What we did today was unacceptable…”

    “…we need to get better…”

    “…we’re going to get better…”

    “We’ve got a group of really young guys…”

    “The coaches and I have to take a look at what went wrong…”

    “We need to make better adjustments…”

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rick,

    Shut up. Don’t say another word. Save all of your energy for coaching the players. Earn your paycheck. You have not earned the right to speak on behalf of UCLA football.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Jon, this was painful to watch. Rick looked shellshocked. It’ll be interesting to see how the team comes back from this.

    Love the questions, keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    UCLA- Useless Coaches Losing Again
    So Rick, how’s the monopoly going? The passion bucket is now full of anger. Do you have a DC in bullough or not? When USC kicks our asses, Dan Guerrero will greet you at Morgan Center with your pinkslip. Good luck to you and don’t let the door slam your asses on your way out.

  • Anonymous

    i sense at least suc troll is really hoping crn goes away for some reason ha ha.

  • anon

    I puked on the passion bucket 3 times this season, will it be more???