As an outsider observer, and occasional contributor to this blog, it is so unseemly that ucla football has been reduced to hoping for the scraps, much as a dog begging at its master’s dinner table.

    What happened?– This school should have won the 1998 national championship, had beaten SC 8-straight years, and then since 1999 the record is ucla 1, SC 10, and this year does not look promising for the blue and gold.

    Quite frankly, back in the day, I always rooted for ucla (and Notre Dame) to win every game up to the SC game, because it made for a classic. And that is what memories are made of. But instead what has happened?

    The last great SC-ucla game was 1967, No. 1 vs No. 2.

    Since then, what do we have?– SC dominating in the ’70s, boredom for both schools in the ’80s, ucla dominating but not winning even a Rose Bowl in the ’90s, and now SC tattooing its stamp of dominance in the 2000s without a competitive game sans 2004 and 2006.

    Lord, bring back the SC-ucla glory! I long for some more memories.