• Anonymous

    Who cares. This guy has lost both the team and the fanbase.

  • treyfuk

    Rick has not lost the fan base. Just you delusional ones that thought the first year of a new scheme was going to be an undefeated season. By the way when were you hired to speak for the rest of us? and is your name Simers by any chance?

  • Anonymous

    Get real. No one expected an undefeated season.

    We did expect — rightfully — a competitive and improving team.

    With regard to the players, it looks as though Neu may have succumbed to Toledo’s Folly: Just as the former coach showed favoritism (punishing players unequally and playing Paus even when he didn’t deserve it necessarily), so Neu has favored Prince unfairly.

  • Anonymous

    Hey treyfuk, how many times do you go back to a diner after finding a pube in your salad? How many times do you drink water out of a creek that gives you the runs? How many times do you insist on wearing knee high leather boots to the airport, only to have to spend an hour taking them off and putting them back on again at the security checkpoint? YOu can have fun wallowing in misery waiting for that day when you can say “see, I told you so”, but I will be out doing other things that don’t involve wasting a full day only to see a team roll over on the field and die, time and time again. Watching UCLA football is like watching Old Yeller, but less uplifting.