Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Can you give us an update on how the scout team is doing? Who is shining and showing talent and ability to shine for us next year? – vvvbj
I’m still very impressed with Aramide Olaniyan, who has a nasty streak on the field. He gets after it. Jordon James has a ton of potential as a runner, and is very explosive, but needs to keep improving. He is lightning quick. I think Isaiah Bowens has potential, and the older guys and transfers, of course, should be instant-impact.

2) Will the USC game on 12/4 be the big recruiting weekend where we have top prospects in attendance? – BRUIN NC
Yes, I believe UCLA might only have one official visit before then.

3) Do you believe Brehaut will be able to relax and play better knowing he’s set to start the remainder of the year, barring injury? – BRUIN NC
Absolutely. I thought he’s played fairly well given the circumstances, but it’s crucial that he’s getting full reps and making the most of them.

4) Do you feel UCLA can consistently and successfully run the Pistol offense in the Pac 10 over the long term? – sandiegobruinfan
Yes, I do. I think the key moving forward will be to find guys who fit the mold and to commit fully to it. I don’t think you can discount the experience factor in the system – for players and coaches – but I will say, I expected them to be better at this point.

5) What is the status of Darius Bell? Why was he not given a chance to play in the Oregon game? He is the most mobile qb and his video from last season on You Tube looked great. His athleticism and talent level seems far ahead of both Prince and Brehaut. – Football Fan
Brehaut is a much better passer, and has a far better grasp of the offense. That being said…there’s no excuse for not putting Bell in if healthy. No excuse. I don’t get it. You put him in for one or two series. He is the starting quarterback if Brehaut goes down, and then you’re talking walk-ons. Down 40+ points, I don’t get it.

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    Oh no Jon!! You may not realize it but just when you thought you put the Prince/Brehaut questions behind you…

    Now you started the Brehaut/Bell craze!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jon, what is your opinion of Coaches Neu and Chow combining the pro-style used last year and the pistol being used this year? This keeps defenses more honest and requires them to learn more in a week when playing UCLA. Also, most of our skills players have been here at least 2 years and should be able to pick it up more quickly, as it is not a new offense.