• Matt A

    UCLA 30, AZ 28… one can dream, right?

  • Anonymous

    Arizona -Germany 45
    UCLA- France 10

  • Shaker

    Arizona 45
    UCLA 3

  • Warren

    The Fighting Lute Olsons 33
    The Cory Paus Reunion Tour 13

  • kdl1984

    Arizona 45
    UCLA 17
    (Forbath kicks a field goal with 10 seconds left in the game to get to within 28)

  • Keith

    When does basketball start?

  • BruinBrent

    You guys have no faith…

    UCLA 24
    Zona 21

  • Coach Harry Nutz

    Arizona 48 – UCLA 10

    Keep the faith Bruin fans, things will get better eventually.

    UO 66 SCUM 21


  • Hot Bruin

    Stoops: 28
    Stepping Stones: 10

  • Maloman

    UCLA Bruins 34

    Arizona Kats 17

  • SpencerStueve

    UCLA- 20
    Arizona- 17

  • Legalsean

    UCLA 23 Arizona 20

  • bruinsangelslakers

    27 – 13 Arizona

    Btw, I predicted 60-13 on the Oregon game, but I guess I wasn’t chosen as the winner because I didn’t have a registered account. Well now I do.

  • Yanny

    AZ next to TX right?

  • Backdoor Cut

    az 31

    ucla 13

  • Stu

    Ariz 72

    UCLA 0

  • Bruintx

    Zona is somewhat overrated… also not proven on the road – so its the battle of the kickers. And guess who wins that!?!

    UCLA 19
    Zona 16

  • j_doe

    AZ – 34
    Dozen years of futility – 16

  • Yoda’s Diaper Attendant

    Wacky Wildcats 38
    Bad-Luck Bruins 23

    Stoops is no idiot. Jury still out on Neuheisel. Verdict is in on Bullough however. LAPD puts out an APB to find the real Norm Chow to replace current imposter in press box. ESPN GameDay reports the Rose Bowl and UCLA football practice fields are built on old Indian burial grounds – got to be some curse somewhere. An “overflow” crowd of about 45,000 is mostly gone as the 4th quarter begins. UCLA’s deep-pocket football boosters ask for a refund. UCLA fans long for the good ol’ days when the only thing to worry about was players getting caught using illegal handicap parking stickers.

    Is it basketball season yet?

  • CuriousBruin

    UCLA 27
    Arizona 24


    24-13 Arizona