Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • GTBruin

    Hi Jon, any updates on Datone or Kai? If both are healthy soon do you think CRN will choose to redshirt them anyway?

  • Blue Bruin

    Against both Stanford and Arizona in particular, it seemed that UCLA pass rushers got to the QB, flushed him out of the pocket, and usually at least got a hand on him…only to see the opposing QBs scramble for 7-10 yard gains. What is wrong with the UCLA pass rush and how do the coaches fix it?

  • Mike H class of 90

    The two long pass plays – were they always in the offense but never called with Prince, called but checked out of, sack on play, pass thrown elsewhere, etc. or were these new plays with Brehaut in mind?

  • Anonymous

    Do you think it is more than likely that Coach Neuheisel will be making significant changes to the personnel of the coaching staff this off-season? If so, what are the most likely changes (whole-sale offense, defense, special team, and/or particular positions)?

  • my mamma

    Not counting when ucla starting football, but could one say this may be the worst 5yrs of ucla football? Counting 2010 season (we have seen enough to forecast)? Not just factoring overall record, but QB rating, offense and defensive ranks too.

  • my mamma

    Could CRN be our Ron Zook? Recruit, but can’t coach’em up?

  • Anonymous

    can you post the the depth chart at the start of fall camp, when Prince, Maiva, D. Jones, Rosario, J. Johnson, Thigpen, Larimore, Sloan, Tepa, Koster, A. Jefferson, S. Price were healthy; Pollard hadn’t yet transferred; Baca was not yet ruled ineligible.
    (I’m not making excuses, but, sheesh..)

  • Anonymous

    Has UCLA said what the impact of the Rose Bowl refurbishment project will have on the location of seats for current season ticket holders?

    Also, does UCLA’s committment to the Rose Bowl end any speculation that UCLA might ever have an on campus stadium or play in a new NFL stadium?

  • my mamma

    ucla football is as unwatchable as The Office this year. Why is the show so dark? Maybe everyone stayed their too long…running out of things to write about?

  • hi

    What happened, I thought “come together” was going to be played at the RB, but I think i only heard it was once. Remember, it’s on marketing pieces. Replaced by “Come Undone” by Duran Duran?

  • my mamma

    How many ucla QB’s have started or played in a game since 2000?

  • Anonymous

    scary stuff response by Chow, and the coaches in general, is weak that they don’t know what is wrong. Do you feel if they don’t know, ucla should find out someone who does? Do you feel accountable is a requirement for leadership?

  • Anonymous

    Is ucla basketball fan friendly?

  • my mamma

    If ucla football were a stock, would you rate…buy, sell, or hold? On the verge of being de-listed, penny stocks, or a falling knife? Has the football program submitted for federal bailout? If so, I think they need an extension to repay TARP funds since returns are lower than expected (worse than revised forecast).

  • spedjones

    After giving Richard 3 starts, who’s your guy – RB or Prince? If RB, is Prince’s career at UCLA over?

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the Podcasts? I really like, except when u guys don’t stop repeating stuff after the 10th time. Your line u use to calls is bad, please improve on land line instead of cellphone.

  • Might

    Noticed the crowd at the Arizona game was spending a good portion of the game sitting quietly and waiting for a reason to cheer. For a football team, UCLA in particular, and especially the defense… does the crowd noise matter? Does more actually help? Does it get in their heads that the home crowd doesn’t bother to get loud until 3rd and short?

  • Anonymous

    Has there been any interest shown in the QB out of Corona Centennial HS, Michael Eubank? He’s big, fast, and has a strong arm. He’d be a great fit for our Pistol (if we continue to stick with it). I know we have a verbal from the AZ kid, but this Eubank’s from a consistently winning program in our own backyard, and we’ve let their last 2 QBs slip away (Matt Scott, who looked good against us Saturday), and Taylor Martinez (now at Nebraska). Eubank seems to be the best of the bunch of these recent Centennial QBs. Go Bruins!!

  • ucla34

    Looks like Brehaut is our QB of the future. What o you think? Is Neuheisel officially on the hot seat or is it just our talent still isn’t that great still (particulalry the o-line) our players are young, and learning a new offense? Or all of the above? Also, who won the best story contest? Thanks and appreciate the hard work. Go Bruins!

  • ET


    A few questions…

    1> Why do we throw to slow-stone hands Harkey so much on 3rd and sometimes 4th downs over guys like Embree (our best wr) or Fauria (a huge target with better hands) or even or any of our RB’s?

    2> Why don’t we run any WR, RB or F screens? Back when we last won 10 games in a season…screens to MJD and co always caught the over aggresive blitzing defenses of guard.

    3> Dietrich Riley looks like a great tackler, why doesn’t he play on special teams? Since he hardley plays did we waste his Redshirt year?

  • MarchMadness

    The offense appears to get timid on 3rd downs. Brehaut has shown ability and confidence to deliver the the ball to the WR’s yet he hesistates sometimes. I recall you mentioning this in your practice summaries too. What is his thoughts on practicing individually with the receivers like Carroll, Smith, Pressly etc and developing the chemistry needed to make plays, especially those crucial 3rd down conversions? Those guys can make it to the NFL but they need to help each other out and showcase their abilities during gametime. To circumvent NCAA rules on limiting practice times, Peyton Manning would call up his receivers “to hang out” at the local football field to go over routes, Clausen did the same inviting Golden Tate to spend summer in CA working on passing routes and learning where he prefers the ball thrown, timing, etc. There’s Westwood Park behind the Federal Building, a nice grassey field to practice timing & nuances that’s off campus.

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused about Akeem Ayers. He was all world last year and the beginning of this year. But looking at the last couple of games he appears to be coasting, taking plays off. Is he trying to avoid getting hurt and just waiting for the NFL draft? If the NFL scouts have been watching him lately he’ll never be a first or even a second round pick. What’s up? Have you talked to him about this?

  • Anonymous

    Is it fair to compare ucla football like the LA Clippers, meaning building equity is more important than winning? For ucla as a whole, this would mean they like using football as a revenue stream for other sports and since those other sports win, all is fine?

  • EZ

    Pac 12 questions:

    Can UCLA really win a division championship in the next 5 years being in a league with Arizona, USC and Utah?

    Will Utah reap the rewards of now being a Pac 12 school and get the big time mormons and Samoans players that usual would go to the rest of the pac 10 schools?

    Utah is 9-0 in it’s last 9 bowl games and is undefeated…How long before UCLA and the rest of the Pac 12 south can figure out how to stop them and how soon before USC and UCLA regret having them in their division?

  • we need answers


    We super conservative, can’t tackle and we can’t get first downs or score td’s like other Pac 10 teams…who would lose their job first, Chuck or Norm? and Why?

    WHo would you think needs to be let go of all the coaches if we don’t improve and lose out the rest of the season?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, I attended Saturday’s game and saw several “helmet to helmet” hits, including helmet-to-helmet hits on “defenseless receivers.” No penalties! I understand this isn’t the NFL, but why is there such a discrepancy in the rules and points of emphasis?

  • Anonymous

    More than a few fans, including me, are pointing to the failed reverse in the 4th quarter as a play that really cost UCLA the game. What say you?

  • Towel Waver

    Which will happen first?

    a) UCLA fires Neuheisel
    b) Neuheisel fires Chow
    c) UCLA fires Dan Guerrero
    d) UCLA wins the Pac-10 in football
    e) UCLA football supercedes UCLA basketball
    f) UCLA disbands football program

    Also – why is it that UCLA fans don’t show up at the Rose Bowl to supporty their team? Announced crowd Saturday vs. Arizona was 53,00 but it looked smaller than that, and a lot of people left very early. Why does this happen week in and week out?

  • mrybill2

    Kai Forbath has never handled kickoff duties at UCLA as far as I know. Will that be an issue come draft day?

  • Shaker

    The football promo displaying past Bruins great at Rose Bowl before the team comes out from the tunnel is awesome. Is that promo created by the same company (row27 Studio) that did other UCLA athletic ads?

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see Carroll and Smith get the deep throws they deserve. On that note, what have you seen from Shaq Evans in practice? How would you rate him relative to the other WRs, as far as the depth chart goes for 2011?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, where will the basketball team play its home games this year? Angry Drunk

  • RickJames

    any idea if coach neu & co are gonna try to have the Jerry Rice’s talk to the Barry Sanders’?

  • Bruin Fan

    In retrospect, I believe Rick’s biggest mistake has been his conservative approach. I feel that he has almost wasted 2 1/2 years and that the team has not significantly improved. I believe he was too short sighted and playing to stay in games in hopes they could prevail in the end versus allowing his young players just to make mistakes. I think in the first 2 years the fan’s had low expectations and that was the time to open things up. Look at the top teams in the Pac 10 with young QBs wherein the coaches allowed them to make mistakes and now their QB’s are playmakers. This past week Brehaut was allowed to throw the ball down field but in season 3 it seems too little too late. They must show improvement the 2nd half of this season to build for next year since this is the year Rick will be judged.

  • Mike Learsin

    The UCLA equipment manager made a big deal about the benefits of the new adidas techfit jerseys (although he could be paroting the adidas company line, do the players notice any advantages or benefits? Is it noticeably lighter, dryer and make it harder to tackle or hold a ucla player?

  • yo mamma

    If ucla is committed to winning football, why then have most of their head coach’s previous jobs have been coordinators? They got CRN on the cheap and/or opportune time, but before that it was only Pepper Rodgers.

  • Anonymous

    What was the official reason for Karl Dorrell being fired? As of now, has CRN met athletic director’s expectations based on his reasons for Dorrell’s firing, and CRN hiring?

  • Comparative scores

    Are you a comparative scores guy? For instance, if UCLA wins/loses by whatever points against a certain team, would a UCLA opponent’s result against that same team figure heavily into your prediction for that future matchup on the schedule? Or should that be thrown out the window?

  • Anonymous

    When is Rosario going to be healthy enough to play?

  • John


    Reports are that Quinn Cook is choosing this week between Duke and UCLA. Do you still consider him a longshot or have things changed?

  • michael

    with his compact, powerful lower body and ability to make full-speed cuts in the hole, jordon james looks ideally-suited to the pistol. what say you? does james have lamichael james-like potential in this offense, or is that overstating things? and having seen malcolm jones and anthony barr for almost a full season now, do you think both are likely to remain in their current positions?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, what is your opinion of Coaches Neu and Chow combining the pro-style used last year and the pistol being used this year? This keeps defenses more honest and requires them to learn more in a week when playing UCLA. Also, most of our skills players have been here at least 2 years and should be able to pick it up more quickly, as it is not a new offense.

  • Spencer

    True or false. The state of the football team (read: the quality of the talent) has been worse than what we were all aware of, especially after loosing Maivia, Bacca, Su’a Filo, and Hasiak before the season.

  • Eddie S

    Compared to other programs, how would you rate game day prep for our coaching staff. Please rate on the following criteria (1-10, 10 being best).

    A. Film watching, hours spent (something tells me Rick and Norm aren’t the film rats that other staffs might have)
    B. Ability to realize opportunities and threats we see in the opponent and how to exploit/thwart them
    C. Ability to implement schemes with enough lead time such that they can be successfully executed on game day

  • Eddie S

    How do we either get rid of the “Yell Crew” or have them step up their game? In terms of them attempting to lead the fan base, it’s straight up embarrassing. The tall skinny guy looks like he spent the morning playing dungeons and dragons. Sorry to be a prick, but this (along with our play on the field) has been annoying the hell out of me all season.

  • CrouchingBruin

    I read in a couple of articles on the recent Pac-10 media day that the Pac-10 coach of the year award has been renamed after Coach Wooden (John Wooden Coach of the Year Award). Did the Pac-10 have to get permission from the Los Angeles Athletic Club to use Coach Wooden’s name? Will the LAAC ever give the rights to Coach Wooden’s name back to his family? And have you been by Coach Wooden’s den to take a look?

  • txbruin

    All season long, and even the previous season, both Prine and Brehaut seem to lock on to their primary receiver without checking down. Is this an area they specifically work on during practice? Do you think more attention should be placed on this?

  • Fed Up Bruin

    Does Rick play guitar for the players? If so, what kind of songs does he play, and are they acoustic? Do you think that if he plugged in and really rocked out, the guys would play better? And why don’t you ever answer my questions? I’M SO FED UP!!!!!