Interesting news on Quinn Cook

Adam Zagoria, who runs, chatted with Quinn Cook’s high school coach at Oak Hill, Steve Smith, and he had some interesting things to say.

Smith told Zagoria that Cook, who has been pretty quiet recently, was down to UCLA and Duke, and that UCLA “basically told him, ‘We’re handing you the starting position,’ for 2011-12. Cook is the No. 4 point guard in the Class of 2011. Here’s his profile: Cook

Here’s a link to the post: Zagoria on Cook

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting report, Jon. But since I don’t like to click on links can you tell me, is this guy a quarterback or a linebacker or what?

  • saxylady

    If this guy is that good a point guard, wouldn’t he just be another one-and-done?

  • 909Bruin

    uhhh 6’0 155lbs??? Does he lift weights at all?

  • spedjones

    I thought I just read he’s opening up his recruiting again…?

  • bruinbiochem06

    If Howland could reel him in, it would be his first major recruit from the east coast since he got to UCLA. Assuming Honeycut sticks around, our lineup for the 2011-2012 season could be amazing.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • Anonymous

    ^ I think you’re thinking of Kabongo?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I wonder if the Jon may have changed his post to include position info after Anonymous made his post at 12:51 … just something to ponder, for those of us quick to call names and assign blame. And it is pretty clear that wouldn’t have been the first time a post by Jon or Jill or even Brian had been changed based on corrections from a blog reader. Give anon the poster a break.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I don’t believe it. Howland doesn’t talk that way. I can’t imagine Howland going any further than, ‘you come in and compete and I’ll guarantee you a chance to win the job.’

  • Tony G

    Even if someone was overlooking the words “point guard” and whether Jon added that later on, if it says the kid is down to either Duke or UCLA, you have to assume it’s for basketball. Yeah, yeah go ahead and bring on the jokes that UCLA is on par with Duke football

  • Anonymous

    spedjones is enjoying his day trolling on Inside USC.

  • Huitzilopochtli

    Interesting read if anyone is interested:

    State of the program: UCLA (basketball)

  • spedjones

    totally. +50 points at home. HAHA.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with the suc troll who gives us updates on the trolls on their site? Does that make sense to anyone?

  • Coach Thom

    I consider college basketball a non-sport. Were good players to actually stay in school past their freshman year, I might change my mind. On the flip side, the state of our current football program is forcing me to look at the whole debate somewhat differently.

  • BruinFaithful

    If he thinks that is the case and it causes him to come to UCLA, great. However, I TOTALLY agree with Ryerson, I don’t EVER see Howland making those kind of promises. My guess, they interpreted what he said erroneously.

    Additionally, Scout is reporting that he is also considering Nova now.

  • Anonymous

    Hey BruinFaithful,
    That’s old news. Nova has been out of it for quite some time. Scout profiles aren’t real-time accurate.

    It’s down to UCLA and Duke. He’s announcing tomorrow.

    Go Bruins!


  • Fed Up Bruin

    Well, he committed to Duke…I’M SO FED UP!!!!!!!