UCLA/Oregon State 14-14

After looking like the Bruins would have to settle for a field goal at the tail end of a long drive, an Oregon State late hit penalty gave UCLA a first down.
Two plays later, Johnathan Franklin capitalized.
Franklin had a two-yard touchdown run to cap a 70-yard, 20-play drive, one in which the Bruins passed just twice.

Drive Time: 70 yards, 20 plays, 9:28

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  • Neu’s cost the team half a season of competitiveness and development by slavishly playing a crippled Prince and keeping our new, young future stars off the field.

    I understand his reason for being conservative — without the injuries/suspensions/missions, his strategy probably would have paid off — but playing those who don’t practice is unfair to those doing the work.

    The Bruins are tonight where they should have been six weeks ago.

    The future looks bright for the Blue and Gold!