Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) I think the Moore League is the premiere league for High School football. Long Beach Poly, Lakewood, Compton, prospects abound every year come from this league. DeSean Jackson, Iuta Tepa, Marcedes Lewis, Terrence Austin from LB Poly, Jesse Scroggins, Todd Barr, Torian White from Lakewood HS. Just to Name a few. Anyway, Do you think Neuheisel helping out the play calling on defense caused more blitzes to be called? And do you like what you saw from out defense last week as a result? – venividivivibj
More blitzes were called against Arizona than against Oregon State, so…no. The difference was really simple: Tackling those who had the ball, and not letting Ryan Katz do too much damage with his feet. Regarding the Moore League – yeah, that’s a hell of a league, too. Lots of good high school football around. I’m a T.O. homer, so I’ll say the Marmonte is tougher, and I think it is top-to-bottom, but the Moore League is great.

2) Considering Ben Howland stresses defense and rebounding above all else, how do you think our team is set up to play the kind of man to man and rebound? – Bobby
Adequately. It really depends on how the guards do in staying in front of their man, so that the post players can do their work on the inside and not have to lose assignment responsibility. The individual talent is pretty good, but team defense is all about commitment to the cause, and I need to see more of that.

3) Basketball question. Who are the next high priority point guard options for the Bruins? – Spencer
In 2011, no one really. Howland could look to the JC route, and he’ll probably wait it out after the early signing period and see if anything changes later in the year, but I really don’t think they panic and go with a player they’re obviously not showing a ton of interest in, like Taft’s Spencer Dinwiddie.

4) Do you think we have greater than 50% of beating both Washington and ASU, making us bowl eligible? – Anonymous
Great than 50 percent chance? No way. Some chance? Yes.

5) Who was the mystery man who came in to play tight end for a few snaps against Oregon State, wearing jersey #81 and no name? Kia? – UCLAW
Yes, it was Kia. I’ll try to figure out why the jersey change this week.

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  • Raymond Hardy

    The Moore League is a great league. From Compton High is DE Daton Jones and SG DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptures just to name two.

  • DERF18

    John, Kia’s normal jersey number probably doesn’t allow him to be eligible as a pass catcher. Possibly UCLA is setting up for a play action play in the future with Kia being the primary target for a pass.

    You’re a nectarine!