Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) I really enjoy the competence of your blog. Do you see the same poor level of officiating in our games as I do? I thought that Briehaut got a helmet hit that was not called and we had one called against us that was not a helmet to helmet hit.The helmet got knocked off ,but not because of a helmet hit. – Bibs
I think football officiating is poor at all levels, but I haven’t noticed anything egregious in the Pac-10.

2) I visited the student store before the first basketball exhibition and was told they were no longer printing media guides. I’ve been collecting them since I was a child and was very disappointed to learn they’ve been discontinued. What’s the story behind this? – Matt Hagen
Budget cuts have meant everybody cutting back. They can be printed out online and bound at a printer’s office, I believe.

3) Where those Forbath misses in the OSU game because of the holder? Or could you shed some light on what went on and why they switched the FG holder for the final kick. – Bruinball
They didn’t switch the holder for the final kick, and my understanding on one of the prior misses, the snap was a little off, the hold was a little off, and that caused Forbath to stutter a bit.

4) Could you please ask our point guards how much new coach Tyus Edney is working with them and how it is impacting their play? – The Big Woof!
NCAA rules state that a director of basketball operations can’t serve as a coach in any function, so besides random tips, Edney can’t have much of an impact. I talked to him about it, and he said he is not really taking on that role.

5) Jon, have you viewed Coach’s apartment exhibit. Give us your first impression and what if anything in the room surprises. – Bruin1970
I saw it for the first time in depth earlier this week, and I was really taken aback. So much has been written about it already, but I’ll share some of my highlights. 1) The Wooden/Abraham Lincoln section is absolutely fascinating. I am very interested in both men, and to see the admiration of Lincoln by Wooden is amazing. 2) The sheer number of books that Wooden collected is phenomenal. I can only imagine what it would feel like to walk by The Den and see something I wrote. What a privilege. 3) Letters from the President just feet away from a drawing from Wooden’s granddaughter? Awesome. 4) The two things that stood out most: The 1964 Father of the Year citation from the National Father’s Day Committee and this, from a rather random letter from the Orange County Life Underwriters Association, with a special coin and plaque: “Dear Coach Wooden,
This plaque and coin is a token of our appreciation for your presentation today. In the year of your birth, 1910, there were very few coins minted, and even fewer of silver. But then, that’s also true of men like you; as this coin has grown in value because of its rarity, so too, you have grown in value because of your rare talent to serve your fellow man.
It is our wish that you continue to increase in value both physically and spiritually, even as this token of silver will increase its value with the passage of time.”

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