• Reformed Droog

    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: “I *LOVE* animals!”

  • bruwin5931

    Hi Jon,

    Thank you so much for doing this. Rahim Moore is one of my all-time favorite Bruins, so for you to do this means a lot to me.

  • Bruinjunta

    I have to admit it hasn’t been easy to be a Bruin fan this season with our struggles, but guys like Rahim makes me proud to be a Bruin. If we continue to bring in leaders like Rahim that are also elite athletes, then the future has to be bright for the Bruins, no matter how bad things can look on a given Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff. Wow Jon, what’s up w/ the #21 MJD one handed back slap? LOL What has he ever done to you? Hmmm =)

  • UCLA_GanGsta_ThugLiFer!!

    Im tiRed of all these Wanabe hard motherfs coming into this chat and talKing crap about UCLA. Im a bruiN fan down to the bone and ill scrap with anyone who thinks they are hard. come looking for me—Glenrock Ave. 500 block punks bitches!! Come get sum biatches!!

  • USC_GanGsta_ThugLiFer!!

    FucK this poser trying to be like me above You can see who’s the fake…i posteD on Pick the Score and Barkey 20th on the USC blog –at November 12, 2010 1:46 PM– This poseR didn’t even pose until afTer me ha ha ah!! lil biatch!!! Poser! Nice try, but F U!!

  • GIno Love

    Thanks for the interviews, however once you finish questioning the player could you refrain form answering the question yourself. I have noticed this trend in a couple of ’10 Question’ segments.