Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    Kevin “31/31” Love a senior on this year’s team. UCLA goes 40-0?

  • Legalsean

    Do you know if Coach Neuheisel will get a contract extension? Do you think any of the current members of the staff won’t be back next year?

  • Legalsean

    Do the players seem happier with the change in offensive style that Howland has brought to this team?

  • John


    Is there a go to guy if it came down to a last shot in a close game with the basketball team? Who do you think Coach would trust to take the shot?

  • Spencer

    Basketball question. Do you think that Phil Mathews’ presence on the coaching staff has anything to do with the change to an up-tempo style of play?

  • Ben G

    Now that you have actually seen some games, what is the biggest early suprise on the bball team?

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    The receivers are incredibly bad at running routes, getting open, fighting for 50/50 balls, and holding onto the ball. The only thing they seem to do well is block downfield. Shouldn’t there be more scrutiny of the wide receivers’ coach?

  • Anonymous

    Who would get more rebounds in a game, this year’s UCLA team, or Kevin Love?

  • Anonymous

    Does bush still have a hesiman vote

  • Anonymous

    I love what brehaut has done in his short career starts but what do you think are the chances chow goes with prince to start next season. I fear chows love for prince may hurt the team and brehaut’s development

  • 99bruin

    Joshua Smith stay’s 2 yrs?…Also with a more up tempo offense do you see more out of state recruits coming to westwood?…thx

  • Bruin Andy

    Who is Dimetrius Hajimihalis? What function does does he do? Is he the guy who signals in the plays to the offense?

  • GrouchyJay

    Hi John,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Please keep up the great work.

    A large part of the UCLA fan community believes the coverage provided by the larger media outlets (LA Times, ESPN…) is heavily biased against UCLA. What is your take on the way UCLA is projected in the media? Is there really a conspiracy to make UCLA look bad? if so why?

  • highlander

    Do you expect Stan Hasiak to compete for a starting position next year?

  • nacho

    Who are our main basketball recruits for 2012 and who do you think we land?

  • Blue Bruin

    Joshua Smith seems to lose a lot of balls in traffic or going up to the basket. Does he have weak hands or something? What’s going on there?

  • Steve B.

    Is any special commemoration planned for the final game in Pauley Pavilion 1.0?

  • Anonymous


    How much has the change to an up tempo style do you think improve the chances of getting top recruits for the basketball team?

  • Spencer

    Just curious. Who asked Howland how many more years he’s going to coach?

  • mbruck

    Hey Jon,

    So I was wondering, do you think UCLA would have stuck with the old offense and not switched to the pistol if Nottingham has signed?

    Thanks. Oh, and GO RAIDERS!!!

  • bibs

    Do early enrollments and gray shirts count against the scholarship limits? Kiffen says he wants to get early enrollments because his scholarship numbers have been reduced.Any idea why Howland keeps his practices closed at all times?


    No way Malcom Lee is a 1st rounder right now. Is he even a 2nd rounder or are we looking at JaRon Rush again? I like Lamb’s game a lot better than Lee’s

  • Aaron a

    Hi Jon, how does the talent of the would-be starts that are out with injury academics issues(Hasiak, Miava ,Baca) along with the two Freshman compare with the current senior starting group? Will there be a big jump in talent on the starting offensive line next year. How does Hasiak in particular, look in practice?

  • Rod

    I am one of those anonymous readers out there. Thank you for your diligent reporting and follow up on all things Bruin football.

    I’m sorry if you have already answered this question, but what has happened to Morrell Presley? He was so highly regarded coming out of HS. In fact what has happened to the whole F-back position as an additional weapon for the UCLA offense? Is Barr (injured I know) that much better than Presley? Is it mostly a blocking position? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Is there something wrong with the medical staff overseeing the care of our athletes? Larimore was told by the head of staff that he did not need knee surgery, however when seen by an outside specialist it was determined that he did indeed need surgery to repair the knee. This is not the first football player who has had to rely on outside specialists. Is the head of the medical staff not competent or does he not care? I guess it is player beware when it comes to getting medical attention at UCLA.

  • mike

    for how long is kevin prince expected to be sidelined? i’ve heard estimates ranging from 5 months to 17 months.



    The daughter of a good friend of mine is a great high school basketball/volleyball player.She is trying to get her name out to schools like UCLA.Do you know what UCLA coaches look for in tape? Should she send just highlights or full games theme music no music?Any advice would be greatly appreciated :).

  • NorthCampusBruin

    I hear a lot about good programs needing a “school that is committed to winning.” And more importantly, that we are not one of them. What the hell does that mean? UCLA makes a hell of a lot of money with its football program (comparatively on a national level). Our coaches salaries are not top tier SEC level but are also on the high side compared to many successful national programs. Our coaches, of late, have all been above average and bowl bound yearly yet get fired after five years for not achieving more. How can people say we’re not committed? Why don’t they say the same thing about Notre Dame who’s been in the same situation? It seems to me this has more to do with football stereotypes.

  • jaybru777

    Hi Jon,

    What’s the state of recruiting for UCLA this year? Any high profile prospects ready to become Bruins?

  • $uckaFREE

    Is that the CHRONIC tatted on reeves nelson’s right shoulder?

  • BruinBall

    Looks like Tyus Edney was sitting two seats down on the bench from coach Howland at the Pepperdine game. What can and can’t he do since he’s not a coach? Is he a coach in waiting?

  • Anon

    You mentioned that flowers is looking really huge. Was he playing DE or DT in the scout game and/or is he growing into a DT?

  • San Diego Therapist

    If the NCAA ever goes to a Football playoff, how many teams would be sufficient? Seems like with 8-10 teams in the BCS, there is a good chance a very good team like Stanford does not get an invite.

  • Spencer

    How many minutes do you think Jerime Anderson gets once Malcolm Lee gets back?

  • Bruin ’05

    What do you think about Thursday football games? I understand the national exposure argument, but I’m losing faith in how it works: Same bye as the Thursday team we are playing, and the team the week after gets extra bye to prepare against us… That’s a net negative!! Would it be a selling point in recruiting?

  • Anonymous

    There has been no mention of the player who recently gave a verbal to UCLA, Ryan Hofmeister. Scout lists him as a verbal. What do you know of him? Any background you can provide would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    There has been no mention of the player who recently gave a verbal to UCLA, Ryan Hofmeister. Scout lists him as a verbal. What do you know of him? Any background you can provide would be appreciated.

  • Fed Up Bruin

    So, I know you never answer my questions because I’m constantly mocking you, but I figure I’d explain to you why I mock you so much. I think you’re an enabler, you convince us how much progress Rick is making, yet we constantly throw up bad games, and we’re missing a bowl game again this year. You’ve told us that Ricky is Mavraylous (that was a really big reach as a pun), Nathan Chandler is a beast, Dietrich Riley is a superstar, Richard Brehaut is improving every day, and so on and so forth. You like Vince Howard on FNL? If you were Vince, he’d never have gotten his mom into rehab, he’d have just given her more smack and told her she’d magically get better clicking her heels together and saying “I wish I were clean, I wish I were clean.” I guess my question is, what are you seeing in these guys? How is Nathan Chandler a beast? What is he doing to make you think that he is a beast? Do you call him a beast because you see him regularly eat raw meat, and you literally think he’s a beast? Reading your stuff puts me at a total loss. And then you try to make yourself sound super cool by talking about how you party with Oregon’s backup running back…shoot, you have the word “cool” in your twitter handle (don’t worry, I don’t follow you, you’d just clutter up my feed.) What do you see in this team? Just do what the rest of us have done, and give up on them and pray for the day the Pistol Rick experiment ends. I’M SO FED UP!!!ROAR!!!BEAR GROWL!!!YES, YOU ARE BEING MOCKED BY A GROWN MAN WHO THINKS HE’S ACTUALLY A BEAR!!!