Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Now that you have actually seen some games, what is the biggest early suprise on the bball team? – Ben G
I’ve been really surprised by Reeves Nelson and Lazeric Jones. Nelson’s offensive game has improved tenfold, maybe 20-fold. His footwork has improved dramatically, his positioning has been spot-on and he runs the floor so well for a big man. More importantly, he’s finishing. He had a move on Tuesday where he started right, saw a big collapsing, switched to his left hand, and deftly laid the ball in before more help could come. Beautiful play, and its happening all the time.
Jones, meanwhile, has just been a revelation. Combined with Jerime Anderson’s poor play in the first few games, Jones has locked up the position. He still has some on-ball defensive inconsistency, but his play in the first three games has really impressed me.

2) The receivers are incredibly bad at running routes, getting open, fighting for 50/50 balls, and holding onto the ball. The only thing they seem to do well is block downfield. Shouldn’t there be more scrutiny of the wide receivers’ coach? – Sleepy LaBeef
Reggie Moore got plenty of criticism earlier in the season, but the wideouts have been pretty good the last couple games. I wonder how the Bruins would look with a legitimate top-flight wide receiver, a no-doubt go-to guy in the mold of a Robert Woods. The UCLA wide receiver corps is kinda of in a weird position. Two track-first guys (Nelson Rosario, Randall Carroll), one would-be rapper (Josh Smith), a spark plug who lacks size (Ricky Marvray) and a reliable veteran who lacks speed (Taylor Embree). The only really highly touted guy in that group was Carroll, and that’s pretty surprising considering Neuheisel’s pedigree as a wideout coach and offensive mind. If I was Neuheisel, I would pull out ALL the stops on George Farmer, short of camping out in his front yard. They need a playmaker going forward.

3) Who would get more rebounds in a game, this year’s UCLA team, or Kevin Love? – Anonymous
Let’s just say this: It’s a preposterous question…and I had to think about it. Love might be the best basketball player in the league pound-for-pound, in terms of pure basketball fundamental ability. I can’t believe he put up 31/31. With I could’ve covered him.

4) Does bush still have a hesiman vote – Anonymous
I don’t believe so.

5) I love what brehaut has done in his short career starts but what do you think are the chances chow goes with prince to start next season. I fear chows love for prince may hurt the team and brehaut’s development – Anonymous
I think Kevin is a tough kid and a good kid and it sucks what happened to him, but at this point, I don’t know how you can go back to him unless something drastic happens to Brehaut, or to some extent, Brett Hundley. Brehaut has been more than capable, and his upside was always higher, and I would think that it’s a moot point now. If Prince misses spring ball, which is a more-than-likely scenario, and Brehaut continues to improve at the rate he’s improving, it’s just not feasible that he would get the job back. That being said, I think he deserves every right to fight for it back.

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  • Dick Cheney

    George Bush does have the Heisman! We invaded New Orleans and water boarded Reggie to get it.

  • Mike

    Hey VB,

    Why don’t, for once, you just SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. No one cares what you think. Not Jon, not the commenters, not anyone. Not even your fucking pathetic douche of a father cares. No one cares. Why don’t you ever get that? Just stop reading the site if you hate Gold so much. We’d all be better off. Guess what? Dohn’s not coming back. Sorry. Go move to fucking Rutgers, you waste of time.

    Gold, great points. UCLA needs a wideout who cares about being a wideout.

  • Watty

    VB – a would-be English major

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Someone get Mike his librium! Quick!

  • Bob

    Hey Mike,

    Seriously, how do you really feel,

  • INawe

    lol. just say not to drugs. šŸ˜›

  • Gregg


    Jon was referring to Josh Smith coming to UCLA for their entertainment program; he wants to persue a carrer in the music industry (rapping). How is that an insult?!

  • Mike

    I am not Jon Gold, but I know him well, and he doesn’t deserve the abuse he takes on here. Sometimes. Sometimes he does. He hasn’t been perfect and he’ll admit it too, but he tries pretty hard and is a good writer.
    I’ve been reading the comments for a few months now, and you seem to just be unhappy. I don’t get it. Why do you keep reading?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Well, you know, VB, I now keep a log of all my posts — just in case one of them happens to get deleted (censored). As Vito Corleone might say, “Now I have selfish reasons. I want my posts to remain. If one of them should be deleted, or censored, or banned, then I am going to blame someone in this room. And that I don’t forgive. Barring that, I pledge on Jobn Gold’s life, that I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today.”
    Or something like that.

  • Reformed Droog

    Frankly, I’m just stunned that UB takes this seriously enough to catalog his posts.

    And I thought VB was over-the-top…

  • Mike


    Im not saying dont criticize the guy. When his work is bad, criticize him. When he doesn’t post for a day and doesn’t explain why, criticize him.
    But youre taking it to another level, and its really surprising.

    Also, comparing a mid-20s guy covering UCLA for the Daily News to Bill Plaschke and TJ Simers? That’s like comparing UCLA to the New England Patriots. Give the dude some time.

    I go back to my original point though. Why do you keep reading if you don’t like it? There are several newspapers and web sites to learn about UCLA. He’s not the only one right?

    I think he’s pretty good for a free blog, compared to the other places in town.

  • j_doe

    for the record, Prince was 2-3 this year. Brehaut is 2-2. Doesn’t seem like we are any better off with one vs. the other.

  • VB


    I never said I didn’t like this blog. I never said I didn’t like Jon Gold. I met the guy when he took the job here. He stopped by our tailgate and the UBTA got to meet him. it was cool.

    When you say that I am taking it to “another level,” I’m not sure where you get that from. I jokingly called Jon a would-be “used car salesman” and you think that is over the top? I didn’t cuss out the guy or anything like that.

    You are right. For a free blog, this is worth reading. Again, I’m not sure what the whole issue is. It seems as though I can say anything and I’ll get some guy telling me to shut the f*ck up. Why do you think I keep posting?

  • LOL @ VB

    “Why do you think I keep posting?”

    Because you’re an attention whore and this blog is a place where you can continuously spew your negativity, sarcasm and tired little tid bits that you feel pass as wit without someone actually smacking the taste out of your mouth for the lack of respect (Borderline contempt)that you show for the University and people in general.

    If you would take a leeson, this is a blog that successfully pulls of what you’re trying so hard to do: http://lostangelesblog.wordpress.com/