Fuel to the Fire

Washington defensive coordinator Nick Holt brings the heat against the Bruins: Check it out

UPDATED: Working link, sorry

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  • Anonymous
  • Chivato

    Go on Nick Holt, keep on talking smack and just get our defense offense up even more. I’m sure Brehaut, Franklin, Fauria, Marvray et. al. would love to shut your pie hole up and make you eat your words.

  • PUSC 3

    holt thinks about us? Sorry to bust your bubble, but we don’t give this jackass a thought, other than these 5 seconds it takes me to type this. he went to washington where all the other rats live (carroll, norton).

  • rejn

    Oh, that’s too bad.

    Nicky, did you go home and cry to mommy because the Bruins are just really mean and really really bad?

    Poor thing.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Wow, that certainly got my juices going. Can’t wait for the game now. Keep talkin’ Holt, keep talkin’ it’s all good.

  • Athlete

    Who cares! I for one was disappointed by the video after reading the title. He wants to kick our butts and we get under his skin (or whatever term he used). What is he supposed to say; ‘I hope they beat us in a close game’?

    Too many people looking for something to get fired up about. Call me when an opposing coach actually criticizes us instead of just wanting to kick our butts.

  • Watty

    I hope CRN has this on a loop in the locker room tonight

  • Anonymous

    Wait! Is this the same moron who’s coacing the worst run defense in the conference? For the sake of his QB’s busted ribs he should have controlled his verbal diarrhea.


    Look who backed up the talk with the walk!

  • PUSC 3

    he backed it up? how? Our offense sucks ass. We could line up against no defense and not get in the endzone.


    Let’s see. UW’s weak rushing defense stopped the vaunted UCLA rushing attack. I see them rising up, backing up their coach’s words…