Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Joshua Smith seems to lose a lot of balls in traffic or going up to the basket. Does he have weak hands or something? What’s going on there? – Blue Bruin
He’s been playing with a clunky thumb-protector on his hand because of the sprained thumb. Not easy to grip the ball. He has great handsh, not a worry.

2) Is any special commemoration planned for the final game in Pauley Pavilion 1.0? – Steve B.
Haven’t heard of anything yet, but if anything gets planned, I’ll post it here.

3) Just curious. Who asked Howland how many more years he’s going to coach? – Spencer
I think that was Robyn Norwood.

4) So I was wondering, do you think UCLA would have stuck with the old offense and not switched to the pistol if Nottingham has signed? Thanks. Oh, and GO RAIDERS!!! – mbruck
No, Nottingham was not so coveted a recruit that they could have not tinkered with the offensive philosophy. Nottingham was a decent prospect, but not a program-saver or anything. Thanks. Oh, and yuck.

5) Do early enrollments and gray shirts count against the scholarship limits? Kiffen says he wants to get early enrollments because his scholarship numbers have been reduced. Any idea why Howland keeps his practices closed at all times? – bibs
Early enrollments count toward the previous class, hence Kiffin loading up on early entries to get around the sanction limitations. Smart strategy. And Howland keeps practices closed because he already thinks UCLA gets exposed enough. Very frustrating as a beat writer.

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