Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

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1) No way Malcom Lee is a 1st rounder right now. Is he even a 2nd rounder or are we looking at JaRon Rush again? I like Lamb’s game a lot better than Lee’s – UCLAVES
He is projected pretty high in a lot of mock drafts, so who knows? I haven’t seen him play like a first-rounder yet, but maybe others see more than I do.

2) Hi Jon, how does the talent of the would-be starters that are out with injury academics issues(Hasiak, Miava ,Baca) along with the two Freshman compare with the current senior starting group? Will there be a big jump in talent on the starting offensive line next year. How does Hasiak in particular, look in practice? – Aaron A
Hasiak looks OK, but it’s hard to judge him on scout team. I’ll get a good look next spring. The talent is superior in the guys who’ve been out, but the line has also risen to occasion in most games. I’ve been very surprised, and impressed, by Bob Palcic and his group.

3) I am one of those anonymous readers out there. Thank you for your diligent reporting and follow up on all things Bruin football. I’m sorry if you have already answered this question, but what has happened to Morrell Presley? He was so highly regarded coming out of HS. In fact what has happened to the whole F-back position as an additional weapon for the UCLA offense? Is Barr (injured I know) that much better than Presley? Is it mostly a blocking position? Thank you. – Rod
I think it’s just been a rushed process trying to get all the kinks out, and with the passing game so fouled up, all the little advantages of the scheme have gone by the wayside. I imagine the offseason will be extremely fruitful for the offensive coaches to learn some more of the wrinkles of the pistol.

4) For how long is kevin prince expected to be sidelined? i’ve heard estimates ranging from 5 months to 17 months. – Mike
Way too early to know, but I would be shocked if he was back for spring ball.

5) The daughter of a good friend of mine is a great high school basketball/volleyball player. She is trying to get her name out to schools like UCLA. Do you know what UCLA coaches look for in tape? Should she send just highlights or full games theme music no music? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :). – BRUINBEATCH
The most important qualities of a recruiting video are A) a variety of games, particularly against good opponents, B) quality film and C) defensive/scrappy plays. Too often, it’s just a video of a player hitting a wide-open 3-pointer or going coast-to-coast for a layup. What about diving on the ground for loose balls, or leading a huddle, or blocking a shot? Get all of that in there.

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