Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Could you try Q & A with twitter? – Anonymous
That sounds interesting, I’ll try that out sometime.

2) Logic would state that running the pistol offense would mean our QBs would have to endure a higher frequency of violent collisions than a more conventional offense. For a program that has been beset by injury at the QB position for the last several years, can you discuss the wisdom, or lack thereof, of instituting the pistol? – Anonymous
Lack thereof is the operative term here. I was talking with someone about this the other day: Wouldn’t you wait to make such a change until you had the personnel? I don’t get it.

3) Why do we keep throwing to Harkey? He has the worst hands of any TE I have seen. How bad is our TE depth if he is starting – Anonymous
Problem is you have one tight end who can block but can’t catch and another who can catch but can’t block. Still don’t quite know why Morrell Presley isn’t getting time at tight end. I think he’s a fit there, if Barr is doing so well at F-back.

4) What is Chuck Bullough’s contract status? Same question re Chow, Moore, Moses and Ganz. Thanks. – Jungleland
From what I understand, all assistants are year-to-year except for Chow.

5)It seems to me that many are criticising our coaching staff’s ability without looking at injuries and the number of underclassmen that have been pressed into service. Thursday’s announcer said that 16 players have gone under the knife. (surgery) Can you give us a list of the players that have had surgery, missed games due to injuries and how many games they missed, and have had career ending injuries this season and offseason? And maybe you could add in the players that have been suspended. – Roland Armstorff
I’ve done that, numerous times. I’ve written an entire feature about it. It’s quite shocking really. But, and this is one big but, that is no excuse for how the team performed against Washington and at other times this season.

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  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve seen Presley is not much of a blocker. Harkey is a great blocking TE. I also see us using Micah Kia at TE in 2 TE sets where we need an extra blocking TE.

  • JoJoBruin

    Get rid of them all!

  • Anonymous

    Wrong on the contract information. Coordinators (OC,DC,ST) have multi year deals. It is public record being a state school.

  • fumi346

    Hello Jon:
    The main question I have as a Bruin fan is how far up the food chain we should expect to go. If we want to be just respectable or elite. If it is the latter goal, UCLA is woefully deficient in the areas that make a champion, namely the front 7 on defense. I can only recall a few years ago when USC had almost all of their front 7 people drafted very high by the NFL, and they did not even win the whole ball of wax,but were an elite team. Sean Westgate is a tough player, but he is not a difference maker. We have too many players like him, 2 star not 5 star. Consequently we get blasted by any highly skilled team, even mediocre teams. Unless the D-line and LB’s are upgraded, UCLA will continue to be mediocre. By the way, USC is mediocre this year because they, too, lack the impact LB’s they have had in the past.