Chow extension approved

UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow’s two-year contract extension was approved by the UC Regents last week, and the athletic department was notified by email late Monday afternoon.

The agreement was made in late-July after Chow had flirtations to return to USC after Lane Kiffin was hired.

UCLA ranks 111th in the country in total offens at 300 yards per game, 30th in rushing and 117th in passing. Last season, when the Bruins went 7-6 and won the EagleBank Bowl, they ranked 88th in total offense and 94th in scoring offense.

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  • Anonymous

    This must be the power of the press to magically had it approved immediately.

  • BruinFaithful

    So how much is he making Jon?

  • That’s great news. Go Bruins!!

  • CrouchingBruin

    LA Times blog says the extension is believed to be worth about $500,000 per year.

    I know a lot of people are going to criticize the extension, but his coaching is not the reason for the football team’s lack of success over the past three years. Jon has enumerated many reasons, ranging from injuries to inexperience to lack of talent to lack of administrative commitment, that have all contributed. I don’t doubt that if he were to go back to USC as OC that he would have immediate success.

  • todd

    Of course none of it too most of you is Ricks fault? Wrong…Dan Guerrero loves this guy. I am almost humiliated to call myself a Bruins Fan anymore. This guy is (15-20) as a coach. per the Sporting News, Ucla does not have one official committment from the top 100 recruits in the country. He begs like a puppy dog for your acceptance after every home loss, saying how much better we will be for you, keep the faith. Come out like a dog in games like last week and likely again ASU.

  • bruinclassof10

    Wow. Last time I checked, in the real world, people that didn’t do their jobs weren’t handed extensions (regardless of previous guru and mastermind reputations). Good grief.

  • AT

    I dont think Boise State or TCU has a top 100 recruit either.

  • Lucrative

    I sure hope that UCLA is not losing because of Chow, because extending his contract may not bode well in the long run. His offensive play calling has often stumped me.

  • 420bruin

    Great news indeed!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we will actually see Chow smile and act like he enjoys his job. When you see him around the practice field he doesn’t look happy nor does he look that interested in the kids. Chow needs to get over himself and remember it is about the kids and the kids are what makes the whole thing work. There is no love, sometimes a little love will get kids to run through a wall for you. I don’t think these kids would walk across the street for Chow. That is what is missing with this man in my humble opinion. He needs to forget about how great he is supposed to be and get back to the things that make coaches great, COACHING and getting kids to play hard for you. He is out of touch with the needs of the kids. Be honest, anyone with any coaching ability could have produced the same results as Chow. So why not get someone who is enthusiastic and connects with the kids. Chow is not that person.