UCLA v. Arizona State Report Card

RESULT: Arizona State 55, UCLA 34

Richard Brehaut set team records for completions and attempts, threw great deep passes, but missed some key throws.

Johnathan Franklin should’ve dived over the line on goal-line stand, but Derrick Coleman should’ve had first- and second-down tries that went to Malcolm Jones.

Impressive performances by Taylor Embree and Nelson Rosario make UCLA fans think, ‘Where was this all season?”

Way too inconsistent in the running game, and Brehaut had to run for his life at times, but was only sacked once.

The way UCLA D-linemen engage blocks, the diamond rings must be massive. DL Coach Todd Howard needs to teach the rip and swim better.

Either these linebackers were out of position all game, or the scheme was not up to par, but UCLA’s second line of defense was non-existent.

Can’t imagine a more disappointing group this late in the year than the fast-talking, slow-footed unit.

Kai Forbath regained his swagger with two field goals, tying John Lee’s UCLA career record, but ASU touchdown return was pivotal…and unacceptable.

Don’t understand not going for QB sneak on 4th-and-inches on goal line, but defensive scheme even more baffling.

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  • Blue Bruin

    Don’t you think you’re being a tad…generous? Coaching should be an F!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your assessment. I have been disenchanted with the DC all year ,so I focused watching on the Defense. They were putrid after the first quarter. The DB’s had their worst game of the year.I thought Price held his own though ,esp for playing on a gimpy knee in a full brace. Rahim is so over-rated it is ridiculous. Why was Mascarenas in as the nickel? I The Linebackers were non-existent and constantly out of position. Zumwalt seemed to take a step back . He really whiffed on some plays and I hardly saw any physicality from him this game. I do think ,though , he will be an excellent replacement for Ayers next year. I think the D really misses Larimore. It will be nice to have him back next year. Hopefully Golper will make it back so he can back him up at Mike. Golper showed some spark in Fall camp. Westgate was Westgate. I will be curious how AO and Kendricks push him next year because I just don’t think Love is a LB except maybe only in body. He has no instinct or feel for the poistion. The DLine was disapponting but not as bad the DB as the Linebackers.
    Bullough has to go. Once ASU figured out the Defense schemes we were cooked. That is on the DC . And for him to call out his players after the game tells all. His schemes were really bad .

  • SidVicious

    Starting a true freshman at Mike is a disaster waiting to happen. So many times it looked like our front 7 was out of position or weren’t running the right scheme. Zumwalt might be the future, but he’s really costing us defensively. The fact that he might be the best option we have there is…disheartening.

    The Mike needs to be the coach on the field, know what everybody’s positions and assignments are and be able to adjust at the line of scrimmage.

    I really can’t put too much blame on Bullough as his MLB is a true freshman who likely can’t handle anything too complicated, which is why we have to run a lot of base defense and easy zone coverage.

    As a DC, your schemes have to fit the abilities of your personnel. There’s no magical scheme out there that can hide the fact that we have multiple true freshmen playing key positions, a bunch of undersized and career underperformers, and only 2 standouts.

  • Anonymous

    I think Brehaut deserves a better grade. He’s a few drop balls away from a 4td 400+ yard game. He had a few misses, but they all do.

  • uclabrruin1989

    the DB’s have been terrible the whole year. talk talk talk and they never back it up. the entire D has been putrid from day one.

    nice effort by Brehaut though.

  • Anonymous

    Brehaut doing QB sneak is a bad idea. He’s not a big powerful guy. If it were Prince yes, but Brehaut is not the guy you want sneaking it in.

  • samohopar

    It’s ignorant to blame CCB. His D-line can’t get any push and the qb has forever to pick apart our secondary. Another reason why the secondary looks so pathetic and why every qb looks heisman worthy against UCLA is the D-line getting 0 push. You can’t blitz every down, especially when young freshmen have trouble maintaing gap integrity. The D will be fine. Football begins and ends with teh lines. Without a good D-line you cannot have a good defense. And without a good o-line you cannot have a good offense. It’s that simple. I wouldn’t care if Chow was fired, but I also think you can’t fault an OC who has to work with a horrible o-line. This season was lost during spring practice.

  • Anonymous

    I would go with Sloan against SC. Zumwalt looked afraid, confused and out of position. Sloan is slower but more mature and knows how to run the defense.

  • 87BRUIN

    That gives us a 0.4 GPA for the year so far. Are they mailing the dismissal letter yet?

  • Bruin Zealot

    Why not line up under center in a power I formation and pound the f’n ball on 4th down to move the ball 6 inches into the endzone? Line up and play some smash mouth football once in a while. Guess we can’t do that – finesse garbage. Defense gone AWOL again, on the one game where our offense actually was working. Defense let Bob’s Big Boy torch them up.

  • fumi346

    I was looking at some of the recruiting sites, they describe Alabama LB recruits as explosive, fast,athletic,dynamic. I see the report on LB recruit Ryan Hofmeister, needs to improve on speed and strength. Bottom line, if we keep getting second rate players, we will always be who we are. I’d like to one day go to a recruiting website and see UCLA commits described as explosive and dynamic.

  • I agree with the DLine assessment, the whole game it seemed the DEs would be going way too wide, the ASU OLinemen were using the DLine’s momentum to drive them out wider, thus creating a HUGE pocket for Osweyler giving him too much time, and if you have no blitzing Linebackers to compensate for that, the QB will have a field day, which is exactly what happened…THAT has to be corrected, like yesterday – if not we’re in trouble on Saturday with USC’s massive OLine and the speedster Receivers USC has.