Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Reformed Droog

    3 Twentieth Century US Presidents who were defeated when running to retain the office

  • Stu

    Just wondering if you know of any site I could go to see just how unusual our injury situation is based on historical comparisons with other CFB teams. I tend to think the number of injuries to key players this year is really remarkable, but i would like to compare it with actual facts.

    Thanks in advance.

  • poorandunfortunatesoul

    Do you think any coaches will get the boot? Which ones do you think should get the boot or are on the hot seat?
    What are your opinions on if UCLA should keep the pistol next year or should go back to a pro-style offense with the pistol mixed in?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jon, appreciate all your efforts to make this blog one of the best places for Bruin news. My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but has Chow provided any opinions on the nature of the sanctions at SC (and whether he feels guilty at all for the punishments)? Given that he was intimately involved with the program at the time when a lot of the questionable practices were occurring, I’m just curious whether he has made any comments on the subject, or if he thinks they got what they deserved. I’m a Chow supporter, but guess I’m just surprised by how under-the-radar he has been through the whole fiasco. Thanks very much.

  • tim warren

    You said in a recent post that UCLA football would not become regularly competitive until there were some philosophical changes. Anything specific there? Higher academic standards than what the Pac 10 requires? Coaching salaries? Other things?

  • Anonymous

    Love the blog Jon, Keep up the good work. I have heard many times that “UCLA is not committed to football”. Please explain to me what that means? and what it should mean to me as an alum and a die-hard?

  • Anonymous

    UCLA is up 17-0 and then gets blasted. What went wrong?

  • TruBruin

    After three years I would grade Neu’s efforts at UCLA a “D”…. after 3 years what would be your grade? Injury’s are a part of the game. Stanford has had injury’ and youth Washington has had injury’s and youth. After 4 seasons of Harbaugh Stanford went from maybe the worst team in the nation with NO players to after 4 seasons a chance at the National Championship if the Ducks lose and Auburn Loses. Washington, after 2 seasons of Sark and a lousy bunch of players need a win next week to play a bowl game. Discounting the excuses that every team in America are subject to….youth and iunjury, why is UCLA football still below mediocre?

  • localbruin

    I’ll repeat my question from last week in a less menacing way so that you’ll be less afraid to answer. What did you see from Marvray in training camp that made you go gaga over this guy? All I see is a small, mouthy and undisciplined player who’s net contribution to the team is pretty close to zero. Time to admit you whiffed here?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of Chris Petersen as our next coach?

  • GTBruin

    What coaching changes would you make after the season if you were CRN? What changes do you think he will make?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but I had higher expectations for the team than what they’ve achieved on the field. I think they should have been in a bowl game but the performance of the defense against ASU was pretty poor. To me they let the team down because the the offense scored more than enough points to win the game. What went wrong with the defense? Was it coaching or poor individual performances?

  • Unreal…

    Looking to next year… It seems to me that Neuheisel has been bringing in solid recruiting classes that would fit well with a pro style offense but last years class has some exceptional athletes (i.e. Malcolm Jones and Anthony Barr) that don’t fit in a pistol offense. Do you see a change in our recruiting philosophy to find players that better fit our offense (Smaller but faster and more athletic)? or, is the pistol not a permanent solution and these players will eventually get to play the pro style ball they are better suited for?

  • Spencer

    Football question. Which transfers will be eligible to play next fall?

  • Spencer

    I don’t really see the argument to fire Chow, do you?

  • Jungleland

    Assume the DC position becomes open during the off-season. Don’t you think it should be considered a highly desireable job for a top-notch coordinator? Lots of young talent and nowhere to go but up? Plus a large media market?

  • Anonymous

    What do you think of Zumwalt at Mike … the leader on the defensive side?

  • melsbysknee

    Who do you think will leave from the hoops team after the season? Can Nelson play the 3 if he’s here and Honeycutt’s gone?

  • Anonymous

    How do you see the potential NBA lockout after this season affecting the decision of Honeycutt or any other college player as far as leaving early?

  • Anonymous

    1) How can Stanford be this much better than UCLA?
    2) How can Arizona State’s second string quarterback look like he’s been playing all year and UCLA’s (Brehaut doesn’t count as second string anymore) look like they don’t know what a football is?
    3) How can Wisconsin be scoring 70 points a game?

  • Sunset Bruin

    What happened to Morrell Pressley? He was so highly rated coming in, but doesn’t seem to be involved in many meaningful plays. Is he in the doghouse because of his suspension, or has Anthony Barr just passed him in the depth chart?

  • l.a. steve

    While developing a quarterback and receiving corp. capable of regularly converting half to three quarters of third down opportunities regardless of the “system” or “scheme,” offense or O.C. may arguably be the most important development of the off season what do you see are the keys in terms of recruiting, current personnel, coaching and scheme to developing a run defense adequate enough for UCLA to win or compete for winning the PAC-10 — which seems to be one of the Coaches goals.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, now that you’ve had full two-year home and away cycle in football..
    1. what one one element that you’ve seen at another school does UCLA not have, that really help UCLA, and is is realistic to get/acheive?
    2. What one element does UCLA have going for it, that maybe it doesn’t use enough?
    again, in regard to football.

  • Anonymous

    Hasanyone ever told you that you look a lot like Jonah Hill from Superbad,and Get Him to the Greek?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a problem with the medical staff for the football team? It strikes me as very odd that so many players have gone outside UCLA for treatment: Savage (back surgery):Prince ( knee surgery), Larimore (shoulder surgery); Johnson (ankle surgery) I have also heard that both Todd Golper and Casey Griffiths are seeing non UCLA doctors for their back problems

  • 909Bruin

    now that the U has fired Randy Shannon, (even with a winning record) does this make CRN’s seat even hotter???

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, who needs this weekend’s victory more, Coach Kiffin or Coach Neuheisel? As a USC fan I can relate to the UCLA’s fan base discontent with Coach Neuheisel b/c this season has really taken a bad turn for USC. The USC fan base is unhappy with the ND lost and a UCLA win would really cool the hot seat for Coach Neuheisel.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Brandin Cooks has decomitted from UCLA and committed to Oregon State, the second player to do so in the past 2 weeks. What is driving these decisions? Oregon State looks as inconsistent as we do after getting shut out by Stanford and losing to Wazzu … your thoughts?

  • Bruin Fan

    Why did RN not come out and support Norm Chow this past week and instead defer to the end of season evaluation? I would rather see this coaching staff stick together one more year and hold the entire staff accountable. I don’t think they would find a quality OC or DC for next year anyway, since RN is on the hot seat and the school has no money to pay for a top dollar coordinator.

  • Backdoor Cut

    Jon, keep up the good work, I love the blog.

    bball Qs: do you know the specific areas each bball asst coach is responsible for? Norm Chow, for example, is the OC in FB, and he calls the plays. Who does what on Howland’s staff?? I’ve never seen the “roles” spelled out or explained. thx!

  • Legalsean

    Do you think Ben Howland will get these players to be his type of D?

  • Backdoor Cut

    Jon, follow up Q: specifically, which bball asst coach is the designated “shooting” coach?

  • Blue Bruin

    Jon, should UCLA make a play for Brady Hoke NOW before someone else lures him away from San Diego State?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, there was an article that said prior to the Washington game CRN sent Chow, Palic, and Moses to meet with Nevada Coach Ault to discuss the pistol offense. Also, CRN said, “it was also an opportunity to give them some of our problems and see what the solutions are.” What do you think about this?

  • Anonymous

    Is it my imagination, or do I see Reeves Nelson yelling at everyone else on the team?