From UCLA:

General day-of-game parking at the Rose Bowl will be available after 9:30AM on Saturday (game day). Day of game parking is $15 per vehicle.

Persons with reserved passes can enter their lots after 6:00AM on game day.

Please note that for this game, Lot H was sold in advance to UCLA season ticket holders on a reserved basis and will open to permit holders at 6:00AM.

RV parking is available to the general public on a limited basis, beginning at 4:00PM on Friday, December 3. The fee for overnight RV parking is $300 per vehicle and is available on West Drive only (west side of stadium). Day of game RV parking, on a space available basis will commence at 7:00AM and the fee will be $40 per vehicle.

The shuttle from downtown Pasadena (Parsons Engineering Company, Fair Oaks and Walnut Avenues in Pasadena) begins on 4:30PM. There is a fee of $12 per vehicle to park at the Parsons Lot. There is no fee to ride the shuttle. Shuttles will run every 5 minutes and will return after the game for approximately 90 minutes.

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  • DJ

    Does anyone have any experience with RV parking? I want to take ours for the first time this year but don’t want to spend $300 to park it. I also don’t want to go the morning of and not get a spot…..suggestions/experience? Your comments are appreciated….Thanks….go Bruins!

  • JoJoBruin

    I’ll be parking at my house. Ain’t wasting one more dollar to go see the Bruins live. Awful!

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Got that right, VB! It’s the “Pasta Bowl!”

  • Real Bruin Fan

    To all you wanabe Bruin fans above. You have no clue about what it means to be a Bruin…just typical L.A. sports fans. I will watch my team live every game of year even if they never win another game, and watch you all jump on and off the bandwagon along the way. You have no idea what it is to bleed Blue and Gold, you posers!
    Go Bruins!!!

  • Encinitas Bruin

    Exactly right, RBF. Being a real fan is not contingent upon whether you win or lose. It’s about a life-long commitment to a program, rather than to a specific year’s team. Stay home, fair-weather folks; we don’t want you in the Rose Bowl this Saturday anyway.

  • Marc

    What about Lot I? I like parking in Lot I and walking in to lot H. Would it be ludicrous to think I can park in lot I around 4:00 pm?

    If I don’t plan on getting there until 4:00 pm, where would you suggest parking?

  • Maze

    UB will be there, good and early, to stuff more spoonfuls of slop into his porky face (seriously, have you seen that guy? Disgusting sloth of a human being). VD will be there too, on his Daddy’s knee, listening to stories of actually going to a University, and getting a degree.

    Wasn’t VD on here recently boasting about becoming a new father? I don’t know too many GOOD fathers who pass their days calling Bruin posters, fans, students, and alumni “morons” and the like, ad nauseam on a blog.

    Rather than being a drama queen on a site (written by a guy you claim to hate, ABOUT a team you seem to loathe) go take care of your kid! You sniveling community college brat!

  • bubble

    does anyone know if there would be a problem parking an extended van in lot h for tailgating?

  • JohnG

    RV Parking
    Better get there Friday for parking. Not likely to find a spot on Saturday morning. Lots of Southern Cal fans with RVs.

    Lot H
    If an extended van is no bigger than a long bed truck it should be okay. Need the Lot H permit too.