• Anonymous

    This team and coach have lost all respect across the country with recruits and fans. Even the current players don’t respect the coaching staff and it shows. Plus, the coaches don’t know how to develop talent AT ALL.

    If you want to get worse, come to UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Rick;

    PLEASE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! You put the players in a position to fail and then blame them. Your schemes are pathetic because when everyone knows a run is coming up the middle, as it SO often does, NO ONE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Same problem on defense, it’s either straight rush 4 or joke and completely telegraphed blitz. IF EVERYONE KNOWS THE BLITZ IS COMING AND FROM WHERE, EVERYONE WILL STOP IT! No deception, slow, predictable, late, old, dated, crappy, boring and on, and on, and on. It’s not just losing, it’s getting KILLED in totally unacceptable ways.

    The reason UCLA sucks so bad is because the coaches suck. You, Rick and NORM and CHUCK don’t trust the players, put them in a position to fail and then berate them. The real shame is that they players haven’t thrown you under the bus and/or started calling their own plays because your planning would embarrass junior high wheelchair girls flag teams.

    Mistakes will happen, build the player back up and let them learn from it because these players don’t respect you and it’s obvious the entire program is toxic, despite the well versed bullshit everyone spews after embarrassing loss after total implosion. Brehaut is a gamer, and much better than Prince, but you stuck with Prince even though he didn’t practice and was hurt? How about having to earn your starts by practicing? How about some pride? But it doesn’t really matter since all he does is hand off until 3rd and 11. Oh, and why the HELL would you bring in the Pistol when you don’t have the personnel to run it? I guess it doesn’t really matter since you don’t really run it anyway, you run the same completely predictable crap out of a “new” set. Never hand it off the the crossing player and never have the QB run.

    Stand up like a man and say “we stink, top to bottom” and start changing it. If I hear “we need to do some soul searching” or other meaningless cliches out of you I’m going to punch Dan Guerrero. But truth be told I may do that anyway.

  • DixieTrojan

    USC should thank Rick and the UCLA team for bringing so many recruits to watch the game. They got a front row seat to watch SC show UCLA who owns Los Angeles and the Rose Bowl.

    Those recruits will definitely be wearing Cardinal & Gold next year. I’m sure Kiffin and Haden will be sending thank you cards. That was very nice of Neuheisel & Co. to do for the holidays.