Brett Hundley interview, Pt. 3

Check out the third part of my interview with Brett Hundley,’s No. 5-rated quarterback in the country, and a UCLA verbal commit.

Any thoughts on the rumors about Norm Chow?
Hundley: “It would be pretty awkward for him to leave. But I really do trust in Coach Neuheisel and any decision he makes will be the right one. Norm Chow is a great coach, I look forward to learning under him, but change is always happening. Any moves Coach Neuheisel makes, I’m committed to UCLA.”

We’ve heard anecdotes that you were like a one-man recruiting service for UCLA last weekend?
Hundley: “That’s a huge thing. Once I committed, I knew all along I could talk to recruits. But I still make sure I’m not trying to force them. Just like me making my decision, I want them to know it’s really what they think is right for them. But I do try to connect with some of the recruits. I’m trying to build a major, major recruiting class.”

Do you think you can help?
“Yeah, I really think all this helps. You try to build a big program, a good class so you have talent around you. That’s something everyone needs.”

Is that something that comes naturally, or did you realize there that you could have an impact? Some other recruits have called you the savior…
Hundley: “This is just my personality. As a quarterback you have to show leadership in all phases of life. It’s good to know that’s the impression of me. I’m glad I portray something like that. I’m glad I have those skills. My father brought me up to be a real good young man. But you can’t ever cocky about that. It’s just me.”

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  • Good Kid

    He seems like a really nice kid. Good to see him be so into what he is doing and being a part of UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    This kid has all the off field makings of a star. Lets hope his on field success correlates.

  • Blue Critter

    Coach Neuheisel could keep Coach Chow as a quarterback coach and name a new offinsive coordinater to call plays. Somebody with more fire in their mind than Coach Chow.

  • says:

    A big, strong quarterback with exceptional footwork and balance. With his combination of size and strength as a runner, he’s tough to knock off of his feet or to wrap up as he pulls through tacklers. Has a bit of a wind-up in his release that seems to disappear when he throws on the run. Has good arm strength and shows good touch on deep passes to compliment the good touch he puts on the ball while on a bootleg!

    Sounds like a PERFECT fit for the PISTOL!

  • The Big Woof!

    What’s with the new dark gray background??
    This is practically unreadable!!
    Please change back immediately.

  • Reformed Droog

    @The Big Woof! – Requests to the Daily News IT staff generally take 2 or more years, so don’t hold your breath…

    I keeeeeed! (But really, no, I don’t.)

  • spedjones

    he reminds me of Tyrod Taylor at Va Tech, on and off the field. I hope he has 4 years like Tyrod’s too…

  • cerritosbruin

    I was going to say it sounds like we have a Terrelle Prior type of kid coming but didn’t want to over-hype the kid, so but maybe a Tyrod Taylor comparison fits him. He’s not the #1 QB prospect, so maybe flying under the radar a little bit benefits both Brett and our program as both may need more than a year to prove that we’re legit.

  • The Big Woof!

    Thanks, Jon, for the return to black on white.
    Despite the Droog’s dire warning, you came through and I can once again read the Blog.