UCLA Freshman Guard Matt Carlino to transfer

UCLA head coach Ben Howland just announced a conference call that freshman guard Matt Carlino has decided to transfer.
Howland said he was blindsided by the decision and hadn’t seen any warning signs – Howland actually said he had a great practice just the day before – and that it appears strictly to be a playing time issue.
“Obviously I’m disappointed because it leaves us shorthanded,” Howland said. “I probably should’ve played him in that Montana game and we wouldn’t have this discussion.”
Carlino suffered a concussion during preseason and missed the first two weeks of the year, and Howland decided it wasn’t prudent to play him at Kansas for his first game back.
However, as UCLA’s shooting numbers were dreadful against Montana, Howland still decided not to play Carlino. After the game, Howland even said he wouldn’t consider redshirting him.
“That’s definitely an aspect of it,” Howland said of Carlino’s dissatisfaction with playing time. “He’s done fine academically. He doesn’t see it long-term being best for him. That’s why he made the decision.”
Carlino’s transfer leaves the Bruins with just nine scholarship players heading into tomorrow’s game against Cal Poly at Pauley Pavilion at 5 p.m.

  • rejn

    That’s wonderful. It’s just getting better and better.

  • Sid

    Good riddance. If he’s wanting to jump ship because of not getting in against Montana, after coming off a 2 week injury…we’re better off without his whiny ass.

  • Keith


  • Jono

    this season is starting to remind me of last’s….. let’s hope this doesn’t continue

  • rejn

    By the way, why are games starting at 5:00 at home? (And 10am, etc, etc) What’s more important? To get your own fan base at the games in Pauley, or to get TV revenue? There’s something wrong. It would sure be nice if Guerrero and the other AD had the courage to say NO to the ridiculous TV schedules/times and for once think of their own fans instead of their own pocket books.

  • tim warren

    Re Carlino: He started playing HS ball in Arizona, early verbal committed to Indiana and even moved to Bloomington to continue his HS ball, decided to graduate a year early from HS and signed with UCLA during the April signing period this year. Now this. What next??

  • so west Coast

    seriously, is this a joke?

    wtf is going on with ucla basketball right now

  • Semi-Pro

    Whatever happened to the concept of EARNING playing time? These kids today seem to think they’re entitled to see the floor x amount of minutes per game. If he wasn’t getting the playing time he felt he deserved, the first and only place he should have looked was into the mirror.

  • hicalliber

    Funny thing is, all those guys who transferred already would probably be getting major minutes this year. I just can’t believe a freshman has already quit after 7 games, most of which he was injured. I’m going to quit my job because I’m not CEO yet. Now, can we please recruit a decent PG? Please? PLEASE?!

  • pissed off

    The virus that infected the football program has now come to the basketball program. Thanx Guerrero for your great hire on Howland and Neuheisel.


    OK Benny NO EXCUSE for not getting a PG now. Here is the schollie you needed.

  • VBs Cat

    oh nooooss we lost 0.0 pts 0.0 reb 0.0 assist per game player..WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?!?!? how do we replace him???

  • T Jackson

    now you see why we at IU were not sad when he left. his dad make all the decision. todd marinovich of basketball.