• camobmus

    Does anyone else think it’s a little strange that UCLA’s players seem to be so unfamiliar with their opponents? Lee makes it sound like he’s not even going to watch any film on Fredette. Read his bio? Learn what he likes to do? Sounds like he’s going to be studying his favorite foods and movies.

    Also, just by looking at the box scores, BYU isn’t as one dimensional as the UCLA players seem to think they are. BYU has 3 guys other than Fredette who have scored more than 20 in a game so far this season, and BYU’s defense, turnover margin and rebounding rank relatively high in the national stats. BYU also plays lots and lots of zone on defense. That is how they shut down Williams and crushed Arizona last week. If UCLA doesn’t get its zone offense untracked, they’re going to get worked.