UPDATED: Bullough, Reggie Moore fired

UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and wide receiver coach Reggie Moore have been fired, the school announced on Saturday.

“The decisions to let Chuck and Reggie go were extremely difficult for me,” UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said in a press release. “They are both good coaches who have worked extremely hard for our program and they are both great people. When you make decisions like these, it not only affects the coaches, but their families as well.

“However, at the end of the day, I felt that making these moves was in the best interest of the future of our program, I certainly want to thank both of them for their contributions and wish them good luck with their future opportunities. I will begin the search for a new defensive coordinator immediately. At the same time, I am continuing to evaluate the entire staff as we move forward.”

Bullough signed a contract renewal during the season but was let go after the 4-8 Bruins finished 95th in total defense, 85th in scoring defense and 108th against the run nationally.

Bullough was promoted to defensive coordinator in 2009 from linebackers coach, and behind a senior- and talent-laden group, the defense finished 39th in total defense.

Moore was one of head coach Rick Neuheisel’s first hires at UCLA, but production at the wideout position dropped this season as the passing game stalled in the new Pistol offense.

Speculation has run rampant recently about the state of the UCLA coaching staff, as Neuheisel had said he hoped to have quick decisions made, but hadn’t made any moves after his second 4-8 season in three years. Former UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker and Stanford defensive coordinator Vic Fangio have been widely rumored to be sought after.

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  • 420bruin

    Bring back Walker! That would be wonderful to say the least…

  • “Count” Smackula

    ok, now lets move Chow-Chow out and let NeuHassle run things next year, it’s your a$$ on the line, so take control Ricky, it’s your last chance. let’s see some of that old Colorado and Washington swagger, not Chow-Chow’s two runs into line and incomplete short pass that would’ve been 3 yds short of first down even if the ball didn’t clank off Harkey’s aluminum mitts.

  • derekg

    The receivers under Moore have been dreadful for three years.

  • Blue1Gold

    I like DeWayne Walker, but didn’t he get torched by all the spread offenses our boys went up against when he was the DC at UCLA….Hopefully, he’s gotten better scheming against the spread offenses. That being said, I’ll never forget the job he did against USC back in ’06. That was amazing!!!

    My real concern is whether UCLA will pony up enough green to attract a noteworthy, experienced DC. As stated many times ad nauseum, our football program will never compete with the nationally touted programs until we start paying the respective coaches competitive salaries.

    Go Bruins!

  • Sid

    Those were the 2 areas in greatest need of change. I’m glad Rick is choosing a “trim the fat” approach as opposed to pulling a complete firesale of the coaching staff…as those almost never work out.

    It’s better to bring in a new DC when your best players are still young as opposed to them being upperclassmen. More time to learn the new scheme.

  • Reality

    Walker won’t give up being a head coach to become a DC at a school going the wrong direction. And Stanford’s DC wouldn’t leave his job for the same position at a way worse school.

  • Martin

    About f-ing time Coach did something right.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back Rocky Long

  • alcor805

    This would be the perfect time for that douche Ken Norton to open his stupid mouth.

  • Warren

    Walker said he’s not leaving a HC position to be Texas’s DC, so why would he leave to be UCLA’s? As much as I love UCLA, Texas clearly devotes more money and attention to their football program, so if he’s not going there, I doubt he’s coming to UCLA.

    I think Vic Fangio would be great, although he has a good thing going so far with Harbaugh, while Harbaugh is still there…

  • 90s Bruin

    Get Rocky Long! And while you are at it, get Al Borges too.

  • Bruin ’05

    Shoot… I guess we’re losing Moore and Ayers too because this means new scheme next year…

  • Slick neu-weasel

    Get rid of those scapegoats.I’ll be back even better next year, and the year after and after


    Why not drop Chow and bring in Chris Klenakis, the former OC and O-line coach at Nevada who spent this season as OL coach at Arkansas? Shouldn’t the OC be someone who knows the Pistol like the back of his hand, sted someone who is learning on the job? Or better, dump the Pistol and go full spread option, and bring in Mark Helfrich from Oregon?

  • Blue1Gold

    I like the way this “5DOLLAR” thinks…Clearly, he has a handle on DCs that are knowledgeable on successful, wide-open offensive schemes…But, again, UCLA has to entice these guys (financially) to make it worth their while….