Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 1

Opening statement:
“Better days, I’ve had better days. This is always a difficult thing, to say goodbye to colleagues and more importantly, friends, people youve come to admire. At the end of the day, you have to make decisions that you think are in the best interest of the program. I let Reggie and Chuck know this morning I was going in a different direction.”

On the decision to fire Bullough:
“I just felt – and certainly Chuck as organized as he is had counterarguments – I thought we needed to have a couple of alternative schemes that might be able to keep us as a more consistent defense. He’s a 4-3 guy, believes in a 4-3. It was certainly beneficial, in my opinion, to try to keep same system in place that DeWayne had. I thought we did some really good things, but at end of day we weren’t consistent enough in stopping the run. I thought some of the players we have might fit in alternate schemes. In my opinion, Chuck was not the guy to be an expert in that department.”

On considering more changes:
“I’m not entirely done evaluating. Certainly there are some other things I want to continue to consider. I was sure about these particular moves, and that’s why I informed the guys this morning.”

On potential offensive changes:
“The offense is still a place I’m evaluating, and Norm as coordinator is in that category. Im just trying to figure exactly the best way to go. Reshuffling, new personnel; I’m sorting that out in my own mind.”

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