Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 2

On injuries and inexperience playing a factor in the defensive issues:
“Certainly it did. If I’m Chuck’s agent, I can make a great case that you can point to inexperience and injuries as the entire reason we didn’t get it done. At some point, these decisions become subjective, and you have to make the decision going forward.”

On delaying the decisions:
“I dont know what’s so obvious. I considered the last question. Also, the timing of the season, in December with a recruiting visit that weekend before, we had to utilize that time to get out and recruit. I wasn’t sure at the time I was going to make any moves and lose a complete week of recruiting.”

On a list of replacements:
“I’ve got some ideas, certainly not ready to share them. I wanted to be able to speak to these guys in person. When you’re out on the road recruiting, these guys deserve much more than a phone call.”

On considering the Pistol a “mistake”:
“I think based on the numbers, with respect to the running game, it was in some ways a success. In terms of overall productivity of offense, I don’t think you can call it a complete success.”

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