Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 3

On potential offensive changes:
“A lot of things are factoring in my decision about Norm. I’m still molding that around in my head.”

On potentially coaching the receivers himself:
“I’ve certainly coached wide receivers before in my life and quarterbacks before in my life. There’s a lot of ways to throw the ball up in the air and figure the best staff to put forth. All of that’s up in the air.”

On searching for a “4-3 guy” or a “3-4 guy”:
“I’m not ruling out anybody, but I certainly want versatility. It all depends on the resume. Chuck has been a football guy his whole life, and I think a terrific football coach. But he’s been a coordinator now two seasons. I’m looking for somebody now with a little more experience.”

On Bullough’s reaction to the news:
“I think he’s proud of his effort. He made a good case for the situation we found ourselves in. If I were his agent, I would’ve understood exactly. But this is a decision I’ve got to make, one I’ve had to wrestle with. But I think strongly this was the right choice going forward.”

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  • Johnny Angel

    Sad news that is partially the result of an even sadder offense. Thanks and best wishes to coach Bullough going forward.