Neuheisel Conference Call Pt. 4

On the decision to fire Moore:
“I just felt like we could play that position more consistently. I just felt like there were lots of places where we could’ve cleaned it up just a little bit better. This is not just pointing at Reggie. This is me making a staff decision as to how to improve. we have more than just the problems we’re talking about now. At the end of day, a coach wears lots of hats. I need them to wear them all.”

On potential defensive changes:
“I think I’m through with the defense. Obviously, I’ve got to come to a decision as to who’s going to come in and coordinate.”

On Bullough’s experience not being an issue when he was hired:
“Fair question. I believed that chuck was ready for the task. I believed it was the right thing to do for a football team that had lot of coaching changes in the past. Chuck was chomping at the bit for the chance. Sometimes that’s what you need. I think Chuck is going to be a great coordinator. There are games where he has been a great coordinator. For us, we needed the ability to do a little more with experience, to handle the things that come our way.”

On making the decisions based on current available coaches:
“I don’t make the determination because I can go get “this guy,” I make the determination because I think we can do better. Now we’ll go out and see what the talent pool looks like. I expect there to be some quality candidates.”

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  • Anonymous

    In an extremely unusual decision, Coach Rick Neuheisal fires himself.

    Coach Neuheisal goes on to say: “I love my alma mater too much to put up with the pathetic teams that I have been fielding and decided to pull the plug on myself as head coach. We’ve recruited very well over the past few years and have several NFL caliber players come through the program. However, I haven’t been able to coach my guys up at all. We are in a results oriented business and heck our relative underperformance is one of the worst in the nation relative to talent and potential. The pistol? Yeah, that harebrained idea didn’t work too well, did it? It’s time to stop the bleeding. Our loyal fans and players deserve better – goodbye and goodnight.”

    Did that happen or did I just dream it?